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wow, i notice there are a good amount of houstonians... because we are a big city ill be more specific in my location. friendswood tx... south part of houston.
Hey HotVW, the weather is going to be better for rides in about a month.

Mrs jerrykr and I are going to be up for a ride on the right coast of DFW as soon as you are.

I hope you will set up something over there with your buddies that we can join.

We found a new trail much closer to our house that we think you would like if you want to haul over our way again.

Keep in touch man, we need to do some more rides!
Thats fine man just give me a call when ur ready to ride and i will make plans to join yall out there. u still have my number... if u need my number again let me know and i will private message it to u
James we are going to do the Hottern' heck next weekend which will pretty much consume our weekend on the 25th.

How about a weekend after that? I need to get some miles on the upside down bike! :D

are your buddies I met at the swap meet up to join us?

I want to hear all about your Calif. trips!
PM me your number. I thought I had it in my cell, but can't find it. thanx.

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