the Blue Blur Skinny tire light weight high speed bike.

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Jun 15, 2021
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Fountain Valley / Huntington Beach CA
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it's built off A Diamond Back F1 frame from 1987/1988 . they were billed as parking lot racers. advertised in BMX plus magazines. manly because most 80's BMX brand company's made one. for the short lived fad. they held races in parking lots. all over USA not sure about other country's.


a stock version of mine
paulsdiamondback.jpg.w560h423 (1).jpg

I decided to mode mine since I got it NOS New Old Stock in a bike shop 1992. striped of all it's parts on clearance sale. just a Frame. then in stead of spending years finding good used stock parts to make a rider. I went for mostly Vintage up grade parts. leaned away from the shrunken funky disk covered. 20 x 1.25 wheel Mountain bike look stock bikes had. went and put on skinnier 20 x 1 3/8 chrome Araya rims and Tioga tires. then mostly full vintage Shimano 600 road bike group O. was going for more of the 80's high speed time trial bike look. then fast forward Rat rod bikes was haven this build off. so dug the bike out of hibernation. got back to working on it. thanks RRB for motivating me to finally finish it!

I love the looks screams fast just sitting parked. just wish I would have bought a longer Cinelli stem. with this frame being 20". if I don't watch were I point my legs. the knees can bump my elbows when in full arrow tuck mode. but other than that it rides grate. if I sit up rite not arrow it's a fun and a fast ride. just a little sketch in arrow tuck mode mostly down hill . but on flat level roads look out I go like a rocket. since I repainted the frame. it was stock red and black. made a custom blend of Imron blue metallic paint with lot of Peral mixed in. it pops in the sun. that's why I gave it the name blue blur. it's blue and you get just a glimpse of the blur flying buy!:p yes bike has paint chips. I did the paint way back in about1993/1994 then life got in the way. put the bike in hibernation IE the build got stalled do to life. again thank you guys :rockout: for pushing me to getter done!
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those bmx parking lot crits must have been exciting.
Cool history and minivelo build