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Jul 25, 2009
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Here it is, The Blue tiki, the latest addition to my fleet of stretch cruisers, posing here in the sunset. Here is the build link 👍🏻
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@Bigcam59 , can you edit your comment above by clicking on your photos and selecting Full Size please. Also, make sure which ever one you do first is the one you want for the voting thread. Right now they appear on the same line, side by side. We need them posted individually, top and bottom. Thanks.

Include a link to your build thread as well so viewers can refer back to your process on the build.
What Oddjob said. If your first photo is uploaded for the voting booth, this is what will likely be posted
Added the build link and removed one pic to make it easier. Hope that helps 👍
Love the girvin on the stretch. Glad to see you in the fun again.

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