The Christmas Flyer...finished !

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I would do the striped one without dying it but would have to go lime tires and grips to tie it all together. Sounds pretty cool but make take away from the original chipped up teal green he loves.
Got some things going on the little western flyer today. Wife was handed off the black loaf seat to address the split in back. Amazon was dispatched for some black flake grips , and a fresh chain, a great welder buddy is fabricating the fix for the seat post issue. ( Small post - plate - large post ) this fix will work without concern as the sissy bar will add extra support. I disassembled the whole bike again, marked the rear fender for a nice bob cut, and cleared and organized the shop for some good after work sessions this week. Struggling with the white tires. Love the white rims but the white tires on white rims make me think girls Wal Mart bike. I'll probably set the white knobbys off to the side for a later freak project and grab him some blackwalls or traditional whitewalls. Hoping to complete the bike this week minus the crank , pedals , chain , and seat. That will allow me time to get all buttoned up by Christmas and back on the Evel bike !
Sounds like you've got a great plan for the week.

Remember to take time to 'give thanks', and the reason for this build. I know I don't have to remind you; it's evident in your purpose!

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday week!
Sounds like you've got a great plan for the week.

Remember to take time to 'give thanks', and the reason for this build. I know I don't have to remind you; it's evident in your purpose!

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday week!
Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving. Plan may be a little ambitious with some long days at work this week ( 13 hours Monday already) and Thanksgiving Thursday but will get there for sure
Stole away a few minutes to take the flyer back apart and Bob the rear fender. Just have to remove the crank etc, find a better ( bigger ) one that will work , and start it back together. Wife is on the seat, welder buddy is on the seat post , a few cool parts on the way, and hoping for a neat little ridable bash bike he will enjoy. Off to the parents house for some turkey! Happy Thanksgiving everyone
Update on the bike, Ben?
Not much currently. Wife is almost done repairing the seat, my friend has the franken seat post ready I think , have to go grab it. I've got the bike disassembled and grabbed a modern junker pawn shop bmx for the crank and sprocket ( hopefully , bracket looiks to be standard diameter and width ) , black metalflake grips are in. Hope to have all of the components reunited in the shop within a week, then a smooth ish assembly by Christmas! Looking forward to seeing it completed and his reaction. I think I will throw a bow on it and leave it in the garage. Then hand him my phone and show him this thread to read . Then take him out to the garage to see it.
Good news ! Was worried that after removing the super wierd pin/rivet kids zero adjust sprocket and crank setup the frame hole might not be American standard width and diameter. It is! So , ran by my favorite little local bike shop and ordered an inexpensive but new crank, bottom bracket, and sprocket for the bike. I took the bare frame and chain guard and we were able to increase to a 5.5 inch crank arm ( from 4.25) , and squeeze in a sprocket with a little larger diameter ( 32 chompers I think). Anyway those parts will come in hopefully by Friday and finally all of the parts will be upgraded and or modified into a ridable big kid/adult bike.
Originally the handlebars were super low and flat knee knockers ( fixed with large apes , he seems to like apes anyway)
The seat post of the frame had an impossible insert and a tiny diameter seat post and tiny , low hard plastic troxel seat. ( Fixed with stock post-plate-standard post weld up supplemented by the long loaf seats rear support ) the front fork was suuuuuper flimsy ( fixed with bad ... pork chopper 20 inch triple trees that worked nice due to the little bikes loooong neck tube. ) And finally getting the drivetrain to a less circus bear , larger, and more modern setup. Whitewalls and retro pedals arrived today as well , and the pimp gold chain is due tomorrow. Cleaned up the triple trees and handlebars while waiting and installed the black flake grips.
Hoping to final assemble this weekend or early next week. Going to give Ethan a card with the link to this thread and let him read through it to learn what's waiting in the garage. I'll ask after the finished photos for anyone who wishes to wish him merry christmas on the thread as well!
Looking forward to see it in it's final 'present-ation'!
Ethan staying with us this weekend and have the car club Christmas party so I won't be able to assemble till through the week next week. I did find time to get the new crank and sprocket setup on and the rear whitewall. Whitewalls with white rims kinda give it that gangster wide whitewall look!
I agree on the white wall / white rim combo. Here is my version on Hawth Rod, '59 Hawthorne rat I built a couple of years back.

26 x 3 tires, lots of 'wall' to work with. Original wheels to the frame, painted a Vintage white.

Hawth Rod.jpg
So with my wife out shopping , a little kerosene for the bullet heater , a few tacos, and a lucenda Williams soundtrack I got the little Christmas Flyer into a roller. Of course I poked the back tube mounting the tire but that's no biggie. Bigger sprocket , bigger crank arms, pork chopper front fork, white rims with new whitewalls , a bobbed rear fender, headlight , and big apes it's starting to get a mean little attitude. Gold chain , black loaf seat , seat support, and licence plate will finish it up this weekend!
The seat fix. Solid kids tube into a plate and cutdown standard tube. Works well especially considering the loaf seat with rear support helping
Finished up the flyer today. Definately a one of a kind and not a bad little rider at all! Please take a second if you want to tell Ethan merry Christmas as he will see this thread before he sees the bike ! Better photo shoot after Xmas. Have a great holiday everyone.

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