The K-RAT, 1969 ZZR Karat - FINISHED

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I thought maybe you had been there WAY too long and lost all your mechanical aptitude when I saw that stem mounted! :21:

For me there is no such thing as "staying too long in the workshop". That's the reason why on Oldtown 2017 I worked with a grinder from 17:00 to 6:00 on taking all the paint from one of our cars. :21:

I like that little car. I'd drive it.
Also another fun fact - That car is a Daewoo Matiz. It was produced locally in Warsaw after Daewoo Heavy Industries bought our local factory FSO. The body line was originally made by Italdesign Giugiaro and was called Lucciola.

When Fiat rejected the project, it was sold to Daewoo, converted to a 5dr, and mechanically modified. From the mechanical part it's bascially a Suzuki Alto/Maruti 800. It was sold by GM as Chevrolet Spark.

But about the bulid - more pictures today since I'm still working on it :cool2:
So first thing today i dug up the Steering bar, to get it painted.

Those started life as a stock Romet high-riser bars like these:

A friend of mine, whose far better at welding than me, had them extended with two pieces of ~24" pipe. That led to a total height of almost 29". By the time I started painting them I realised that with those ape hangers, and the front tire narrower than the rear it would probably fit into the MBBO. :crazy:

While the paint was drying, i started fiddling around with the headlight.

And when I took this photo I realised that I left the camera in my car... :headbang:

So here are some better quality pictures of the brake arm mounts:

Also dug trough the Reusable Junk Box and found a working kickstand:

And after a few changes to the concept of the light, and one change of switch later:

It's running, and it doesn't wobble in the new/old casing.

So you probably wonder how it looks with those ape hangers?

KILLING! :cool2:

Also found a bell in the Reusable Junk Box, and bought some new leather handles. Those handles also dictate the style that I will trim the seat.

Also mounted the headlight.

I also found a kinda-license-plate that I made a few years back.

Hm... :39:

Still the best part of it that I like - The wheel fitment in the fenders:

So at this point - it's a rider waiting for it's test ride.
So my workshop PC decidet id doesn't want to read any pictures that I taken of the progress :headbang: will need to post them from home.

In the meantime, I made a logo for the project, from the original paint scheme:
Also ordered a set of dice for the pedals, and some black leather for the seat. It will be finished soon, so stay tuned!

So @kingfish254 gave me an idea with his post earlier...

Looking forward to this Karat Krate build. :D

Krate... crate! That's what I need on the rack, so that it won't feel empty and I can transport stuff. A box would be even better.

So from the other company that I work part-time (to earn more money for bike parts :grin: ) I got this:

A wooden box with a lid, and after I cut it down to perfect size...

...and bought some hinges & a lock...

It came out pretty nice I think.

Right now it's drying in the lower workshop, just need to spray paint the logo, and mount it on the rack.
Zoomed in on the box, got stuck looking at the tools.. that's a nice pile of wrenches. Mmmmm, blue handles...

That is my workshop's workbench (i make my bikes during free time at work). Right now it looks a little different since I ordered some more tools, and put some of my personal favorites in more handy places.

Today my dice arrived so, I guess it's drilling time tommorow & finishing the paint job on the box.
Finally finished the box and mounted it on the rack.

As i mentioned before - the font used on the logo is made from the original scheme for Karat bikes sold on our domestic market (this one is an export version, so it was just named with the brand Universal).

Now the only thing left is to trim the seat with new black leather.
Cool pedals. Did you try to line up the numbers or just random? I’m pretty sure I’d want it in some sort of pattern and be annoyed if I didn’t think of that before drilling.

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