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Jul 17, 2022
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Ashland Va

The Ladybug!

This is my first build off and my first muscle bike. I am very pleased not only with the results, but the experience as well. This site is so much fun. Thank you all for your help and entertainment.

The Ladybug is a combination of old and new. The frame is Chicago built Heavy Duti. The forks and tank are from a JC Higgins Flightliner. The drivetrain and hubs were picked off a Schwinn Varsity 10 speed.

The wheels were built by your truly. The rims are new (Araya 7x knock offs). 26 inch rear and 24 inch front. The front is radial laced for maximum bling effect!

Repurposed thumb shifter mounted suicide style on the lay back seat post.

Oh and can’t forget the clock! It is a hole nother story, but installed a new mainspring in this clock to get it ticking for this bike.

This has been too much fun!

Build Thread:


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So glad you jumped in and joined the build off fun! You carried your lady bug theme well through this build, while still retaining a great stance and overall look. That photo of the lights and front end is really 'buggy'!

I like your wheel / tire selection for this. Really balances the look, bet it rides nice.

Hope to see you back in another build off, we start the RRB Annual Summer build off May 1 !
So no Spring build?
2024 will have to start the 3 builds per year cycle. We will shorten the summer and winter builds for 2023 to get the timeline set but unfortunately with this current winter build-off bleeding over into January it just doesn't work out

There's always the unofficial March shootout
Curious. Are my file sizes too large? Seems like it takes a long time for the pics to load. I know internet speeds vary for different users. Do I need to shrink my file sizes in the future?
Glad you had fun on the site. You captured what it is all about.

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