The Mothership AKA '08 Kiddie "Space" Crate

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This is my buddy Paddy as Obilix at the carnival.My son Liam beside him.

Yeah,thanks for the compliments I'll be happier when the fuselage gets painted black tho.
Maybe there should be a kids trailer build-off......???
Whats an " Obilix " is it a cartoon character? i seem to remember seeing a pic somewhere.
I love it, and you seem to be really itching to paint it, but I wouldn't. I love the bare aluminum. But then again I am an Airstream owner. How about you pain the half sphere black and leave the aluminum? Or what if you paint the half sphere as a black and white spiral? or ....

Or you could do what you want since it's yours. :oops: sorry.
No,hey,you might be right,I'd love the bare aluminium too but it's just a toss up for the nose........possibly in four quadrants ,black,white,black white,like four pieces of an orange,know what I mean? I think some of the very first space rockets were checkered like that too.Zeppelin-like.I can always try it first and if it's no good I can just spray everything again.
An old colleague told me they make fibre-glass impregnated with aluminium so that when you're finished the thing will look like aluminium,maybe that's a possibility.Couple more layers of that stuff on top and it might start looking like something.
Deinitely polished aluminum. I was going to suggest it in my last reply then I decided to keep my mouth shut for once! It does have an airstream look to it.
Well what's the best (easiest) way to polish something like this? I was a sheet metal worker but eveything I did got painted. I suppose just a buffer wheel and a lot of elbow grease.
Was on a website called,it's German but you can get change it to English and I found some "designer"fibre glass cloth some of which has a layer of Aluminium on it so when your finished you'll get a shiny finish but you will see the weave pattern,but I don't think that would be a big deal....there's even a cloth that's gold colour!!! Not gonna pimp it just yet though..The trade name of the cloth is texalium.
Glad I asked you guys for some direction I think the polished aluminium look is worth a try.
Just in case anyone was interested,here's the trailer with the roof in the right position and wheel covers sprayed silver.... some hammock style seats are in the prototype stages :D


Looks better with black wheels but my daughter wanted red side out today
They still like it alright, my daughter is 4 and she gets a kick out of all the people looking at her in the thing

IMG_1495 by Smudgery, on Flickr
We know a Straight 8 should be black but......needs a couple of decals here and there....definitely open to suggestions

IMG_1499 by Smudgery, on Flickr

Red chain.....chain guard might need to go......

IMG_0240 by Smudgery, on Flickr

Couple of new stripes......I think the lid should be about 3 inches lower......

IMG_0228 by Smudgery, on Flickr
No pics!
Yeah I've been trying to insert links to pics on but it doesn't seem to be working, what am I doin wrong?