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Mar 31, 2011
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Would a sheet metal ceiling over all roads be impractical?
You wouldn't have to plow the snow off the streets with roofs.

Electric cars date back to 1830.
First person killed by an electric car in 1899.
Henry Ford's wife had an electric car that he forbade her from driving in public because it made his Model T look bad. A car a woman could start with out a crank.
The one time richest man in the world got that way by building and selling bicycles. He was financially ruined by expanding into gas and electric cars. He did both to cover which ever way the auto industry was headed in the beginning.

I think they should use the 2035 California electric car mandate as a test mule. They can cover all the roads with steel from PA. It will be a win, win for both states.
Cover those steel roofs with solar panels to power the bumper cars. Whee, open top motoring without getting a sunburn. (I don't miss my MG).
This needs to stop. Read the rules if anyone needs a refresher
Electric cars failed in the 1900s, failed in the 60’s, and seem poised to fail again. This time they got closer, but the engineering just isn’t there.

In 1960, we lived in an all-electric house near Spokane, powered by The Grand Coulee Dam. It was owned by the US govt and built for the US Air Force. It was the future, they said. It was concrete and steel. I can still see it on google earth.

If you climbed on the roof, you could see the huge concrete blockhouse, where Dad watched the radar for the rooskie atomic rockets. It had it’s own hidden power plant for redundancy; because if the AC went down, the vacuum tube computers and radar consoles would cook you alive.

64 years ago electricity was KING & they were writing about wireless roads that work on transduction, just like a wireless phone charger.

You just drive along and coils in the road charge you as you go.

Then someone calculated that we’d need much more than the entire world’s production of copper and rubber, and all prices would immediately skyrocket.

It wasn’t economical, and the money always directs the culture of science. Because of that, non-economic things stop when governments quit spending taxes on them.

But eventually, people forget what happened 50 or 60 years later and they try to do the same things again. Things that sound promising but don’t make money. Without tax support such things just fail.

Like the all-electric home you don’t live in, but the US govt once again promotes, being against natural gas and oil.

Mercedes is pulling back from electrics, because they still want to make money. If the government Mandates them, well the Germans tried mandates before. They called it national socialism. We called it nazi. Government mandated production.

People somehow can’t see our governments doing it. Perhaps they have never been to a movie about World War II?

Let’s make this simple…….mention politics = get a time out. Passive aggressive, phrasing, or surreptitious suggestions = get a time out.

Please don’t feed the animals

Keep all things government or government related (US or otherwise) out of this forum. This is a light hearted internet space for bike aficionados

Otherwise we can gladly show you to the exit
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