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Hey...just for grins...can you take a shot with those handlebars flipped upside down?

i.e....spaceage boardtrack style.
roger there rat rod,this is houston control! :D i`m going to take a spacewalk,and see if i can fix the control module. out :lol:
houston control here! the re-configuration of the control module has been completed, as ordered. will await further instructions.out. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Oh yeah...that's looking really cool now...more aerodynamic. :wink:

Probably uncomfortable as all get out, but...
sorry guys! :cry: the cool factor will lose to the comfort factor!...if only i was 5'7",or so..... :D i need to take a pic of this bike next to the tall texan cadillac. gives a better perspective of just how big the cadillac is! :D :D
I think the current bar positioning would look cool with the headlight pointing out under the bars.
this bike looks so hardcore. like a hybrid 26" bmx i love it 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
update time! :D i ended up changing the stem out for one a little less extreme. i`m running a tioga hydro mtb stem that gives it a bit cleaner look. also mounted the speedo at 12`oclock,like i had originally wanted to. finally mounted the moon tank/stash can set-up.bit of a tight fit! :wink: stole the chrome chain from my flightliner, and decided to leave the chainguard off. shows off the drivetrain a little more. space taillight is good to go! :D now i`m down to mounting the headlight,fabbing some brackets for the landing lights,and then the mysterious nuclear powerdrive unit! :D soon as nasa gives me access to the materials,i`ll start on it! :lol: :lol:
Very nice! I still like the new headstock. Still looks spacey. Is your stash can plastic painted silver or is it metal? It adds a nice touch. Very sharp looking bike.
the cans are metal,already painted silver. just super glued another lid onto the other end,it fits right into the bottom of the can! it`s held in place by 2, 1" nylon cable clamps,that i shot w/ silver hammered finish spray paint. :D
Bike looks sweet!!

I'm glad to finally see someone else use that tea can. When ifitfreeitsforme used the Never Dull can as an oil tank, he and I went on a major search for something more generic.