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Nov 28, 2007
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Gainesville, Florida
i'm not sure about the name but i got a bike haha, its gonna be hoot to build :p

the frame is a off a next slumberparty bike

i'm helping my friend with their community bicycle project and I will be building this out of all of their junker parts, to give to them so hopefully i can make a bike without spending a dime and it should be fun to build.

I dont have a chaingaurd for this one, right now i have some 16" schwinn wheels on it, might put a 26" fork on it too.

this bike will either look amazing or crash burn, hehe either way its gonna be fun
look good while crashing and burning huh? guess youll be riding it then(dont forget the riding pics!!!!) :shock:
just curious......what size is the steer tube on those forks? thinking about using a cheap new frame but im gonna need to fit some 16" blade forks on it and wondering if itll work.
Sensor im pretty positive the steer tube is the same size, i'll double check the next time im at the warehouse to work on it
here is a pic of what i did today while i had a couple minutes of free time

i think it starting to have some potential, it at least is looking pretty fun :p I think im gonna paint it yellow but paint the wheels black and and leave the rear white wall a white wall, i just need to find a seat in the bike pile, may a different set of forks.

i still can't get over the name the of the bike how did we go from amazing names like lil tiger, panther, spaceliner, to something as silly as the slumber party :lol: :lol:
thanks for taking the time to measure that for me!
is that back wheel a 16"? it looks great as is(but then again im the one whos always saying dont paint :roll: unless its new of course!)
sensor said:
thanks for taking the time to measure that for me!
is that back wheel a 16"? it looks great as is(but then again im the one whos always saying dont paint :roll: unless its new of course!)

i LOVE the way you think my friend! keepin it rusty is keepin it rat! altho...... if welding is required.....
so while at the shop today i spotted a sprocket on a huffy we have

i think it will look nicely on my new creation

oh and i added a small banana seat i had lyin around, i may rig up some sort of sissybar
i also steel woolled some rust off of it and peeled off the slumber party stickers, it was a sad day to peel off these amazing stickers :p but they are in the way of my plans :D
ok so i got some time to work on it, i switched out the forks and painted it yellow. found a fender in a bike pile as well, threw it on there for good measure :p

there is also a light housing i found that i threw on there. until i get a sissy bar im using a bmx seat to take it for test rides.


its a blast to ride right now, it will be even better when i get the banana seat secured
yea, i may paint the front wheel, either black to match the tire or white match the back rim, we'll see.

what you cant see tho is a little bit of crackle in the paint job, the clear coat crackled up in a couple areas, maybe i can rub it out and repaint the areas.

anyone have a sissybar lying around????
Lookin good! You picked the PERFECT color for that bike!
a moto style seat where the sissy bar attaches under the seat and doesn't come up higher than the seat would look cool on that bike. sorry, thats the best way i can describe it. probably confusing.

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