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Mar 26, 2012
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Welcome aboard a brand new take on a RatRodBikes Build-Off.... the Triple Threat! In this Build-Off (BO) you will have a chance to expand your horizons of the rat rod bike building world; build a Muscle Bike style bike, an Off-Road style be it BMX, Klunker, or MTB, or the new category 'Skinny Bike' which could include just about anything, as long as the tires are 1.5" or 40 mm or less!

This Winter BO will span the Fall of 2022 into January of 2023. Start time will be October 1st at 12 Noon Central Time USA and run till January 15, 2023 at 12 Noon Central Time USA. This will give builders 3 1/2 months to let the creative juices flow and produce some fun bikes to follow in the build forums.

The plan for 2023 and beyond is to set up a 3 build-off calendar per year, that will include approximately 3 months for each BO, with a break in between to help get the forums re-set and ready to go for the next Build-Off. And to let our creative minds and our bench tools to 'cool off' a bit! This will also allow for informal Build Challenge events such as the March Shoot-out Challenge, the Model Kit Bash Challenge, etc to take place throughout the year to keep things exciting on the Forum.

Please check the Winter Build-Off rules thread for details on the build parameters, and remember, this is all about building a fun bike to admire and ride!

Oh, and don't forget to....RaT oN~!

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The Triple Threat Build Off is now open for posting build threads! Start with the name of your build in the Title box, and then give us some background / incentive for your build, parts list / photos, etc. Document your build updates regularly, and keep the photo and description posts coming throughout your build.

Most importantly, build a cool bike, and have fun!

RaT oN~!
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