Throwing together a Schwinn Breeze to sell

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May 23, 2020
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Central New York State near the Erie Canal
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Dug through the parts stash in the garage loft. There were two Breeze bikes one 26" and one 24", so the 24 was a parts donor because it had better chrome. Found a set of 26" non Schwinn wheels and tires.

The rear wheel is from a tandem - I know because the Bendix arm says "Tandem" and it has heavy gage spokes. But the matching front wheel does not have heavy spokes. Rebuilt the rear hub and front axle.

Hard to see in the pictures but the seat tube was bent where the top curved tube joins. I put a block of wood and a hydraulic jack in the rear triangle and straightened it. Oh yeah, I also had to straighten and align the forks.
I found black Schwinn grips and a Schwinn seat. Painted the rusty fenders. Then I had to take out the kickstand and re-bend it. It was too long. Bent it and cut a little off the end and found a red vinyl cap to finish it off. Then of course a good cleaning and some Linseed Oil.


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