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WOWW. thats a really nice build. what did you do to the springer truss arms? :D its pretty cool.
Great job. Paint looks great. How long do you let the primer dry before you sand it?
Hey thanks guys, truly appreciate the feedback! As far as the primer goes, I prefer to wait a couple of parts drying in the hot Texas sun before I sand/paint, but it was cloudy here and I was in a hurry, so I only waited overnight on the frame. On small parts, I primer and paint in same day - I know the longer you let the primer cure the better it will be, but I just get so excited - He He...

The forks supports, struts or whatever are from a Sissy bar I cut the top swoop off and then bent. As far as ride-ability on the forks they seem like they work good to me. These are only springer forks like this I have ever had, and I never had the struts, so I can't compare to what they are supposed to work like. They spring when ya hop on the front end. The acorn nuts are there to cover up the holes that were in the legs of the sissy bar.

My son rode the snot out of it last night - all still holding up - no adjustments needed as of yet! Thanks again, Troy.