Uncle Stretch Colson Clone Build (now named)

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Thanks for all of the positive feedback guys, it is really appreciated. A couple of notes , the headlights are halogen, they are brighter than the regular bullet lights but still not that bright.Someday I would like to change the pedals but Im not into the maltese cross ones that are out there. Ill know the right ones when I see them.The suicide shift is suicidal.It is a little difficult to reach but it is not like I keep changing gears. I have an idea using a pipe clamp type of attachment to the shifter and connecting a little rod to that.I bought the Nexus 3 speed from my LBS for $$$ ,could not find anything for weeks on CL. Now I see there is a whole bike w/ Nexus 7 speed local for 80.00.(still might buy it).I decided not to put the diamond plate as an insert because I thought it my just look a little too "busy". I wanted to keep it simple. As far as the paint technique somebody asked about here is a pic right before the top coat was laid down. It was time consuming, I compared it to painting a wheel w/ spokes on.Thanks again 8)

harley- i tried doing that to JUST A FORK and got frustrated cuz it was such a pain. but im super inspired by your bike and your paint work. im also jealous that you have the patience do all that work!!! looks amazing man!!!

Easy E
It was gone this morning. It was on CL for 3 days. The bike it was on was a Raleigh, They listed it as a retro raleigh.Its one of those deals where in the back of your mind you know you should snag it quickly, but the practical side of you says enough for now. Yeah I spent almost twice that to have the 3 speed built w/ the wheel. :roll:
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One of my bike buds on FB just scored the bike that this 13 year old thread is about.
This is one of @Uncle Stretch 's Colson stretch frame.
@tikiharl owned it all these years and now @Princepavo is the luck owner.
It was fun doing the detective work on this one and diggging through the RRB cobwebs to find this thread.

Glad to hear from you too Kingfish. I think it was pretty much the first part of my building
career. I made that one for Steve and he sold it.

That is really cool for it to crop back up after all these years. @tikiharl still had it those whole time until my friend picked it up.
I built them thinking I would conquer the bike sales world and actually made three of them
and nobody wanted them. I kept one and added the looptail to it later and it is my favorite.
They all ride good and the looptail just looks cool. Glad you like it.
I now own this Uncle Stretch Colson frame!!!!

20220218_120426 (1).jpg

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