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Jul 26, 2009
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Bikeramento CA
Standard 18 speed junk discarded mountain bike. This build off will breath new life into this neglected throwaway. Just to keep it up and up, fair and square, I shot all the frame angles to document that the finished product will not be... let's say Kuttnhacked.
Looks to be a decent quality lugged frame.
I can work with these dropouts.
Nice three piece crank.
I like the aluminum stem.
Lots of potential. I lettin this one talk to me! See you all at the finish line, best wishes and best luck.
Re: Undertaker

Stripped the frame and added some bolt ons to get an idea of where this will be going.
My favorite attitude.
Scored a nice little Brooks saddle from a friend. Might have to stick with the ball peen kickstand.
Gotta love the repop springers.
Some rust removal needed on the rims.
Good chance I'll be using these wheels for this build.
Re: Undertaker

you need a GIANT CHAINRING up front, so we can set a landspeed record on this bad boy! :wink:

GOOD LUCK to ya brother!

we need to hook up soon for a welding/brainstorming party!
Re: Undertaker

Started the frame cleanup. Surgically removed the unwanted cable stops and caliper mounts. Used a tip from one of you sharp RRB'ers and wire wheeled off the paint. I think this is a far better way than chemically stripping or media blasting. Although lots of paint dust to breath. My wife came down to check on me and said I looked like a coal miner with all the black paint dust on my face. I do wear safety glasses but I think a dust mask is also recommended. The great part is that you can control how the paint comes off gently without any damage. I also removed all the old crappy decals with the same method. Didn't really gum up the wire wheel like it does with a sanding disc. I used a coarse wheel for the decals and rust areas and cleaned up with the fine wire. I'm amazed at the quality lugs and brazing that's exposed. The Open Road head badge stated Made in Korea for Monkey Wards. I have another light weight vintage Open Road badged girls bike made in Taiwan ROC that only the seat tube top is lugged. I'm thinking the Koreian made stuff might be a little better built or it's a upper end of the product line. I left the three cable guides on the top tube and the water bottle cage mounts for some alternate mounting ideas. A little more time in the coal mine and the frame with be free of any evidence of paint. Next I will start devising the mechanicals.
What a great space for a custom head badge.
Re: Undertaker

Derusted the 68 spoker wheels to get ready for paint. Started with the CLR and some 4 ot steel wool on the front. Rust came out pretty good. Followed up with the hard stuff, the navel jelly and an old toothbrush for the finish on the rear which had the most rust of the two. Rinsed with cool water a prest-o, change-o, almost derusted wheels. All is good and time for bed! Didn't get much sleep. Most of the night in the head. Not a pleasant picture so I won't go into details but it's amazing how much fluild the human body contains. At first I thought I had food poisoning but my wife wasn't sick. Then I realized what I had done. And to think I had named this build "Undertaker". I thought I was gonna die. While using the upmost caution to not mix the CLR (lactic and gluconic acids with surfactants) and Naval Jelly (Phosphoric acid) due to the possible creation of toxic fumes when the two combine, I think I might have got a little of my peanut butter in the chocolate if you know what I mean. I don't think I will be using any chemicals for a while. It's been two days and I'm just starting to feel normal again. It's taken me 54 years to figure this out. My advice... read the lable and follow the directions first, not when all else fails read the directions. You might not live through it! Carry on my fellow builders, but with caution of course.
Re: Undertaker

i use gasoline. its expensive in cars, but just a little cup of it goes a long way with rusty and greasy parts. :D hope you get better soon.
Re: Undertaker

I think I'll use media blasting (sandblasting and bead blasting). How would that damage the frame or parts?
Re: Undertaker

Wildcat said:
I think I'll use media blasting (sandblasting and bead blasting). How would that damage the frame or parts?
It'll be fine...no chrome left though :D Just don't pay more than it's worth. $35.00 U.S. at most.
Re: Undertaker

First up. Say a prayer for those we have lost and bless our troops and their families for Memorial Day.

Progress shots of rear suspension.
Re: Undertaker

Amazing! Diggin' this so far... 8)
Re: Undertaker

oh yeah thats cool! reminds me of the old mono shock bmx i have in the basement. :)