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Paola is 54 now. To you she’s a milf. To me she would be a daughter.

I’m nearly 70 with arthritis and sports injuries galore. Everybody is faster than me. (For anyone that bothers to check, I never put my correct age or birthday on the forums.)
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Still a superstar, still an ambassador. I absolutely love the look on World Champ Kate Courtney's face as she scores an autograph. She was 1 year old when Paolo won the first Olympic medal ever awarded for mountain biking. Sometimes, a person is an advertisement, the inspiration says it all.
I understand totally. I just wanted you to understand my position before I put the love eyes up there.

Both of my daughters were heavily into roller skating. I was afraid they would take it up for a living, but they both ended up getting married, having a bunch of kids, and becoming public school teachers.

One of them teaches fifth graders and the other one teaches adults in the IRS.

But there was a time when I could not keep those little devils in skate wheels and bearings.
first of all... gold plated! second ... made in our capitol city, just twenty minutes from my house!

What I noticed is that it’s not decimal.

Now I’m wondering if some early automobiles had fractional measurements on the gauges?

I recall reading an early driving hand book that told you things like “drive 3/8 of a mile past the green farmhouse with pine trees on the left…”

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