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  • 01. "1940 Columbia" by Rudy Rude

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 02. "57 Speed Creep" by 48 Hawthorne

    Votes: 8 1.5%
  • 03. "Archie Klunker" by GTCOMA

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 04. "Ben Davis" by NOC

    Votes: 8 1.5%
  • 05. "Beyond Thunderdome" by Chain Reaction

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 06. "Black American" by blackphantom

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 07. "Black and Wild" by garagegoon

    Votes: 41 7.9%
  • 08. "Blue Eliminator" by Weekend Fun

    Votes: 10 1.9%
  • 09. "Blue Moon" by Ken Nighplay

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 10. "Blue Ribbon Betty" by mtbikn212

    Votes: 9 1.7%
  • 11. "Blue X" by skipton

    Votes: 11 2.1%
  • 12. "Bombing Betty" by chaunceysj

    Votes: 27 5.2%
  • 13. "Boss Ross" by gowjobs

    Votes: 16 3.1%
  • 14. "Broken Beat Scarred" by Simpleman

    Votes: 63 12.1%
  • 15. "Bruizer" by iDood

    Votes: 11 2.1%
  • 16. "Cash" by Devilmaysay

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 17. "Cinco de Polo" by JoKeR63

    Votes: 9 1.7%
  • 18. "Cpuff" by Cashman

    Votes: 15 2.9%
  • 19. "CWC 1" by Roadmaster

    Votes: 45 8.6%
  • 20. "Dynomite Racer" by zelkmaster

    Votes: 17 3.3%
  • 21. "Elgin Old Army" by frameteam2003

    Votes: 45 8.6%
  • 22. "Engine No. 9" by fenderhole

    Votes: 113 21.6%
  • 23. "Grandpa Rockhopper" by XC204

    Votes: 23 4.4%
  • 24. "Hometown Hero" by 59punk

    Votes: 36 6.9%
  • 25. "Jenna Saykwa" by xddorox

    Votes: 24 4.6%
  • 26. "Kindergarten Cruiser" by mrflagman

    Votes: 14 2.7%
  • 27. "Knuckledown" by Found Objects

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 28. "Krusty Kargo" by bean

    Votes: 34 6.5%
  • 29. "Lazy Rodent" by Monster Metal

    Votes: 11 2.1%
  • 30. "Lincoln Green" by Hubgearfreak

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 31. "Mildly Curious" by warpigg

    Votes: 10 1.9%
  • 32. "Monkey Panic" by Bicycleguy

    Votes: 8 1.5%
  • 33. "Mr. Goodyear" by deorman

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 34. "Murray Resurrection" by Schwinnspastic

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 35. "Naked 41" by jcextreme

    Votes: 24 4.6%
  • 36. "Phantom Menace" by John Payne

    Votes: 16 3.1%
  • 37. "Picnic Time" by purple

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 38. "Poore Mans Dream" by murraymadman

    Votes: 8 1.5%
  • 39. "Primed for Renewal" by Flying Dingo

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 40. "Resicycle" by 2dawgs

    Votes: 20 3.8%
  • 41. "Rusty Brit" by pvwacko

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 42. "Salt Shaker" by hotrodjen

    Votes: 35 6.7%
  • 43. "Sandune 2.0" by dirtywater

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 44. "Schwinnliner" by Hooch

    Votes: 11 2.1%
  • 45. "Silver Flyer" by Wildcat

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 46. "Skull-o-sis" by icyoud2

    Votes: 37 7.1%
  • 47. "Steamed Rat" by Markm

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 48. "Stella Bread Racer" by irzouts

    Votes: 25 4.8%
  • 49. "Stream-Flex" by 37fleetwood

    Votes: 27 5.2%
  • 50. "Swinger Special" by cman

    Votes: 11 2.1%
  • 51. "The Bandit" by Double Nickle

    Votes: 27 5.2%
  • 52. "The Desert Stormer" by 2wheelflyer

    Votes: 9 1.7%
  • 53. "The Goon" by hewey

    Votes: 17 3.3%
  • 54. "The Grady Rocket" by char

    Votes: 56 10.7%
  • 55. "The Juak Ali" Graylock

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 56. "The King of Cowley County" by udallcustombikes

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 57. "The Newsboy Special" by ratina

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 58. "The Sidewalk Super Villain Supernaut" by bighit

    Votes: 124 23.8%
  • 59. "The Tennessee Klunk" by biss-ness

    Votes: 12 2.3%
  • 60. "The Way Out Suburbanite" by Schweetcruisers

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 61. "The Wormwood Limited" by Strings_and_steam

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • 62. "Tiki Time Cruiser" by bigcam59

    Votes: 19 3.6%
  • 63. "Undertaker" by Kuttnhack

    Votes: 16 3.1%
  • 64. "Vagabond Gent" by xHOBOPHOBIAx

    Votes: 16 3.1%
  • 65. "Widowmaker VI" by texasbigjohn

    Votes: 87 16.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Congradulations to all the winners, every single one that entered & finished, Next year the bar has been raised another notch, myself the plan is to liquidate alot of inventory and make actual work space, so till then, come on down to my house you wont walk away empty handed,were slashing prices !!!! :wink:
Thanks to all the seven that voted for my Juaka Li. I would have been happy with the 3 votes on the first day. My bike was built with out opening my wallet or waiting for the UPS truck. The gold was in the trash bins, always has been. A true rat comes from the bottom and steps out proud and everyone gets an atta boy and a nice bike as a prize. A lot of nice builds and bikes with heart out there this year and I enjoyed watching as the builds moved on to the finshed bike. Those that didn't finish?...............ya just haven't finished yet!

Sure enough on that....

bighit said:
"find the parts , and build with your heart, thats a RATROD"
that's what it's all about.

Congrats Brian......this was a blast. I know you had fun! Got to be pretty cool seeing your work appreciated and your story along the way was fun to read. Great build.!

Fenderhole....I know you caught some grief for the rat thing.......your bike is a thing of beauty . Your imagination and level of craftsmanship was second to none.

John.....I'm not selling you anything else! You kept me off of the front page :mrgreen: Just kidding..that bike is very,very cool! After looking at some of your other builds its obvious this wasn't've got great taste! had me looking over my shoulder the whole way. Work of art..I'd love to learn the art of patina!

I found ideas in everthing built. Some it was paint, some fab, tires, seats, bars..... Should help for next year :wink:

I think the coolest piece of engineering had to be 37fleetwood's ride...that thing is cool! :mrgreen:

I know I've forgot many that inspired me...this was a ton of fun! Glad I finished........we all ended up with some cool rides.

See you next year!
I dont know about the rest of you but IM dizzy from trying to pick my fav's and now counting up the numbers. Yea I know Im a day or so late here but family first everything else second. So if I did my math correctly and I seldom do 4th 5th and 6th was a tie correct?
Well you all know who you are so send me a PM and we'll get making a headbadge or whatever...just send me your idea or a rough drawing or describe in words and I'll see what I can turn it in to metal.
And the two 6th place....ya have to fight it Just kidding your both in so contact me and we'll get on it.
Congrats to everyone....been a great summer build.
MonsterMetal said:
As always the RRB did not fail to impress and motivate many... A big congrats to bighit and the others.. I think its really about how much fun you can have... And as a group I bet we have more fun than just about any :mrgreen:

Exactly MonsterMetal, I had a bucketload of fun bringing the Krusty Kargo back from the dead......if it wasn't rescued and passed on to me, it would've sat out in the weather rusting away until it was dumped :( . I used RRBBO5 as a motivator to get the build started (and finished), otherwise it would have sat in my shed for a couple of more years as well.
As well as enjoying the build process, and watching everyone elses builds, I was blown away by the comments and the amount of votes it received. Even though I knew it wouldn't finish near the top, I was secretly hoping for a Top 10 finish, and after just checking the final tally, with 2 bikes on 45 votes and 2 on 37, I figure that puts it in 10th spot...woohoo :D .
Thanks to all who commented, and/or voted for a 73 year old Aussie 3 wheeler.

p.s. MonsterMetal, my name is Larry and I'm a Coppersmith......maybe we can start an exclusive club.......Your name has to be Larry and you have to be some kind of metalsmith to join :wink: .
everybody should post a picture of their trophy or head badge when they receive them. it would be cool to see what they all look like. 8)
congrats to the winners !!!!!!!the top three were the three i voted for im im pleased theres other people out there with the same taste :) thank you for everyone who voted for me im so happy the salt shaker made it as far as she did being only 2 girl bicycles in the feild. time to go cross country with her :)
weekend-fun said:
TheFlyingDingo said:
weekend-fun said:
i voted and not for myself! So blue eliminator will remind at 0 :D

Check again...yous is at 10
:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Your bike was 3 votes rattier than mine. :mrgreen:
xddorox said:
Awesome pic Graylock :)
But it still takes second place to this one for coolest RRBBO5 pic!



I remember that picture now and it scared me then. Now that I look at it again it scares me more. The look on her face, wild women hair, the cordless weapon of choice, and Gods gift of running after you........ :shock:...... :roll: ....... :wink:

Back home from holidays.

I've enjoyed my vacation but somehow felt bad about not being there when the voting ended... Ah well...
Congrats to Fenderhole, Bighit, and TexasBigJohn! Those are some really cool bikes you've all build that ended up on the winners spots! For all of us that didn't enter or didn't ended up nowhere near the top 3 those bikes are an example of how it should be done, imho. And congrats to all who've finished their builds. There are a lot of really great ones that I wouldn't mind having stashed in my shed...

Hope to participate in the next RRBBO...
mesome said:
Rat Rod said:
aka_locojoe said:
You could see the votes before you voted. There was a small little text link at the bottom of the poll that said "view results" or something like that.

Crud...I was afraid of that.
Ah's all for fun anyway. :wink:

It will also show them to you if you're not logged in.

Ah! You see... I thought I was going crazy. I was right after all, and I wasn't hallucinating! ;-)
Thanks guys, for pointing out.

icyuod2 said:
I don't see it making much of a difference. All the bikes are pictured in the gallery. peeps is gonna like what they like, regardless of the votes. :lol:

personally, i kinda like seeing em.
As for voting for yourself, i look at it this way.
If you can't find 3 bikes in the rrbbo (other than your own) worthy of your appreciation/vote.
Well your probably on the wrong forum. :)

But the fact is... It really does make a difference! It probably doesn't affect the outcome of the top 3 winners, but it does affect the runners-up, who've also build beautifull, if not also top-3 bikes (like yourself). I think in a more honest-votingsystem the runners-up may have ended op higher in the poll. They deserved it. You deserve it.

And the 'voting for yourself'-issue.... I totally agree. But just having that opinion doesn't change the fact that there are people (more than one) who still give one of their votes to their own bike. Strange, but true...

37fleetwood said:
just based on the way the voting has progressed I would guess that seeing the results and following the discussion seriously compromises the results. people naturally divide into camps and vote for one or another of the available (likely to win) choices. usually two pull ahead and people tend to pick between those two. the rest get the remaining votes. it's just human nature to vote for one of the winners. I would find it difficult to believe that the winning two bikes are better than the rest by a 4:1 margin.
now don't get me wrong, the two leading bikes are leading for a reason, I'm not saying they aren't, but the numbers are still skewed

Couldn't have said it better! :)

garagegoon said:
I think everyone is putting too much thought into the voting and numbers.... Build a bike and have fun watchin others do the same.... Keep it simple stupid..... 8)

'Build a bike and have fun.' That's what this site is all about. That's what we're doing all year long.
...UNTILL there is a contest. And if it comes with a voting, better make shure the voting is as honest as it can be. If you're gonna do it, DO IT RIGHT.

Furthermore, this IS a forum and this IS a thread to discuss the voting. I saw some flaws and just shared them with you all. I can't help think about what I read and see happening. Thinking is fun! Everybody should try it sometime...

But, like I said before: It would probably be too much of a hassle to make changes to the voting-system, if not impossible... Then leave it be. It isn't thát important, and everyone who's finnished his/her build is a winner and has an awesome 'new' bike. I hope I didn't offend anybody by critisizing the poll, like the three winners, and especially RatrodSteve. The top 3 just are the best bikes of this build. And finaly, it has been said before on this thread, but never enough, so I will say it again:
Steve's doing an awesome job on hosting this site and organizing the build-offs!

Cheers to all.


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