Wards Open Road Monoshock

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Aug 11, 2011
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Cowtown, TX
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It's pretty much a mess but I've been working on it...


Stripped down...


Finding new parts...

Love it, I have a Huffy version and Project Western Flyer badged version. Really liking these MX bikes. Mine is posted on here somewhere too. :D
I like where that's going. You know, we didn't give much respect to wards back in the day that we "knew" it all. But I've learned to appreciate lots of what they had to offer. I have a Wards lathe from the 40s that is indestructible.
Cool bike! Good luck with it. I hope to post my Wards StratoCruiser some day.
Wanna sell trade the stem from the before pic?

My stem is long gone.. put it on another bike that sold.
Put the wheels on another whip that sold too.
Really never thought I would want this thing together but now that their so popular I'm having second thoughts!