(WBO 2015) Girlfriends OBX Bike (COMPLETED)

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Perhaps you can make the fork work with some creative cold-"bending" in all the right places so that the wheel, when "dropped" into the upside-down fork, sits so that the rim is centered up by the crown? I have found almost any bent or poorly-spec'd fork can be made right with some work. And if that doesn't work, dish the wheel to better center it at the crown. But, a disclaimer is necessary here......the bike will not track true with your hands off the bars...:blush:
The left fork tube is longer than the right. The only way to get it to center would be to file the tube axle rest. I do agree that letting go of the handle bars is not a wise idea.
The tank and light are finished. The battery compartment required a lot of rust removal. All of the wiring had to be redone. I took it completely apart to the point that I could not use the original setup connections. I used a toggle switch in place of the rocker switch and after figuring out how to make it work soldered it all back, cleaned up and put it back together. I still have the graphics to put on. That will be done during final assembly.
I worked on chemically stripping the paint off the frame this weekend. Today I broke out the fenders. These are wide cruiser fenders. The front one fit the forks perfectly. I ended up using the pair of forks that came with the Worksman frame I got from ind-chuckz. The rear fenders I did not want to wrap all the way around the tire. I measured and broke out the Dremel tool to cut notches for the drop out and cut off the excess to mount to the chain stay. Next I'll have to put the crank, chain ring and chain guard on to see how much to cut off to clear the chain.
Looks good. I'm getting anxious to see how this bike looks assembled!
Looks good. I'm getting anxious to see how this bike looks assembled!
Me too! I am a little bit behind my scheduled completion. I have another bike I entered in the WBO (CAT BIKE) and working on both when time permits. I was not counting on my job being as busy this winter but we are busier than normal for this time of the year. I should have had the frame painted by now and started assembly.
Frame is finally stripped and ready for some primer. I spent some time on it on and off since last weekend doing a little bit at a time. After going over the frame with Aircraft Stripper I broke out the wire wheel and my drill and finished it up with some 320 grit. It will get the primer shot tomorrow and then I should be able to hit it with the topcoat soon after.
Primed and ready for paint. Don't laugh at the polkadot shower curtain. Only a dollar from the store and it prevents over spray from getting all over everything. Cheap garage paint booth.
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