(WBO) 2015 Winter Build Off Entry: "Switch-a-roo" by Gig Mata

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I just got my frame and components back from the powder coater and I am pretty excited with the results. After a long pause for forks I feel like the project is moving again.

These are the Ziegler-Lam Retrogear cranks that I will be going with. If I pedal backwards it knocks the ratio down half of a gear while still propelling me forward.

If you think that is a helmet's bubble facial visor you would be right. It is also my number plate.

I am really liking the firebikes.com front fork. They were seriously delayed over a month arriving from Canada to California. UPS is to blame. Through a series of strange circumstances I have two more of these shoved into my parts closet.

I hope my back survives the Schwinn OCC handlebars at this angle. I bought a set of 3G adjustable bars just in case.

A Huffy Panama Jack bike gave up it's seat so I can sit my tired but down. The rear fender came from an RRB member and I think he took it off of a Schwinn. That rear fender worked in mock-up but it doesn't look like it will now. Hmmm.


I had this puppy out for Ciclavia and it was good to get it on the street. If you ever buy 24x3" Innova tires don't put them on a wide rim. They undress themselves from the rim.


The Lucky B@$+@rd faired well with the black version of the same tires. My neighbor Dee rode it. Another neighbor of mine rode my "She's The Bomber Bike."



- by Gigmata
So I added the face shield -- I mean number plate. I also mounted the forks, the bars, rear fender, and the stem. The seat and and seat post are not mounted in tightly yet. I am still trying to figure out which light to go with. I have 2 versions that I like. One works off a generator and the other will take batteries. Either way, I love the way the front turned out.



I don't have much time left so I have had to make quite a few compromises which I am not at all fond of but I will most likely enjoy the changes. Jeff at junkyrustybikes.com told me my tires will arrive on Monday so I hope to finish the bike Monday night. Not a moment too soon.

- by Gigmata
Wow, those are the most amazing cranks that I have ever seen. I must find one of those. This build is sweet I can't wait to see the finished product.
Less than 1 day left. The cranks will not cooperate. The new seat post doesn't fit and my living room looks the worst it ever has! AND I NEED BIGGER STAR NUTS FOR THE FORKS! Tonight my headlights went out so I couldn't pick up my tires. I know. I know. I have first world problems.



- by Gigmata
Wow, those are the most amazing cranks that I have ever seen. I must find one of those. This build is sweet I can't wait to see the finished product.
The cranks are Ziegler-Lam cranks. I bought 2 sets of eBay within the same week. Keep your eyes pealed and you will get lucky and find them. I am told they are rare, but again, I bought two in the same week from the same place.

- by Gigmata
If you don't mind my asking, what did they run you? A ballpark number is ok.
I paid $175 for a set that was essentially flawless. Easily a NOS or new old stock piece. I paid $140 for a set that was reported to be NOS but the seller obviously did not know what that meant. Pieces were missing and the crank arms were scratched up.

- by Gigmata
Awesome, Thanks. Honestly that is less than I expected, although still not quite a casual purchase.

But I'll stop bugging you so you can get back to work. This bike is going to be really cool when it is done.