(WBO) 58 Schwinn Deluxe Hornet 3/29/15...Whewww !! DONE !!

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Sep 30, 2011
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Long Island, NY
Could not stand being on the sidelines during this build off as I had to drop out of the summer one due to poor timing...some call it procrastination :)
I bought this bike one year ago from the original owner in January and posted in the Fresh Finds section. She has been waiting patiently all this time for me to get some other projects completed.
This is a 1958 Schwinn Deluxe Hornet..# D850470....which (if I am reading the info correct) puts the bike being made April 30th, 1958.
The color is called Opalescent Red and looks awesome when polished. Since the weather does not lend itself to doing any painting outside, I decided to use this bike for the build off because it will be all inside work. So not really a bike build but a complete tear down and cleaning, bringing it back to its all stock original beauty.
1958 Deluxe Hornet

How I found her....Craigs List Photo for the bike

Got her home....took off the tank so it would not get damaged in transit

Delta Rocket Ray !!!!!

As of today
I remember when you posted this on in Fresh Finds way back and am to see glad that you're going to record the rescue here.:113:
How did you know the bike was a "she" when you got it home? :grin: Really nice old bike.:thumbsup:
It's great when you can bring back original paint! very cool indeed.
Really cool color. My first model car kit (a long time ago!) was a 1956 Buick - I remember it was cast in a red plastic just that color.:)
The Delta Rocket Ray fender light was toast on the inside but very good on the outside and the very fragile looking lens was still intact with no cracks!
I took out the innards and got as much rust off as possible then rustolieum prime and paint.
I used and old LED headlight which fit almost perfectly in place of the bulb. Uses just one AAA battery and is very bright.

Thanks guys for the replies...while I wanted to stay completely original with this bike I also wanted a working fender light...the insides of the light were shot....but you cant tell there was a conversion from the outside
Making some progress....Got the fenders fairly straight and polished...I am only using car wax on this bike ...I cleared a couple of bare metal spots to prevent rust but want to keep as original as possible. Just ordered some S7 westwind tires. Also planning to add a couple of doo-dads that have been around the shop a while. I have a handle bar headlight and probably some torpedo tail lights. In the end I will probably change the seat because this one is too small and uncomfortable...as I plan on riding this beauty !