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Aug 6, 2012
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Hi all,

I have decided that I will be able to complete my trike, Roch. I changed the front of the bike with a 1970's Tsundae for more stability... more of a workhorse.

I really like the chain guard's simplicity and possible palette for some art work.

So here is the mock-up for an idea...

I am challenged a bit making sure the trike conversion piece all fits together correctly. Looking at a simple color scheme.

JATS has promised me access to the shop and that my project comes first for the next couple of months. The trike is so big it really monopolizes the small shop space.

He will have to wait on the bathroom remodel until I get ROCH painted. (Not sure how long this will take but I am hoping my timeline is reasonable for a novice builder.)
That's a very cool looking frame, lots of possibilities for this trike. I like it.
You can do it Laurie!!!!...
Great frame design for a trike...
Thank you! I love trikes and am really excited about getting this one completed. One of my first memories is getting stompin' mad at the guy who rented a room downstairs from my parent. He took out my cool squeaky sound as I rode around in the basement. He was trying to sleep since he worked nights. I was completely ticked off and had no sympathy for him at all. Granted, I was 3 at the time but he took away my squeak! ;)
Ok, so just checking in while on break at work. I will post some pics later today. Got the trike adapter and the frame put together and aligned. I am going to have to have JATS give me a crash course in some welding for extension supports to stabilize the trike to the main frame. Have a duct tape mock up on that.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!
Ok finally posting pics. Got interrupted by JATS need to visit the ER where they extracted a piece of metal from his left eye. Safety goggles work great but not if you have slivers of metal on your hands and you decide to wipe your eye before washing those hands.

So here is a pic JATS took as I was wrestling to get the "gear thingy" and the frame united (someone help me here as I have no idea what it is really called).

I was lucky that the frame and the trike conversion pieces fit back together:

Gear thingy fits!

So I need to extend the piece to the frame. I get to learn to weld. I promise I will practice first! (Unless there is an industrial duct that would work? Yea didn't think so. ;))

So I am looking at art work and am thinking of something like this:

So I used string to check my alignments front to rear axle and side to side...looks like it will ride straight. Time to break it down and clean, sand and paint!
He was very lucky and he just has to rest the eye and use some antibiotic cream. Had to stay home for a couple of days.

Thank you for asking Luke!
Ouch, hope jats is doing okay now.
I'm digging your build. That frame works well as a trike.
its nice having you back in the shop! please put the tools back in the tool box after i am done with them!!!!;):rofl::chicken::dance2:(the ones next to Etta:blush: )
o_O tools? OH the tools you left out. Gotcha!

So I broke the trike down...and I am starting on paint. I ditched the welding idea all together. I designed something a bit more simple to execute and gives more versatility.

So here is an interesting find for me. A weird bottom bracket assembly with two different bearing race sizes.

So check this out...the main drive gear is also splined and not bolted on. It is held in place by the crank arm. Each side of the crank arms are definitely handed. Just like my carders ...there is a left only and a right only.

Love the horse design,thats a winner.
Bikes coming along.I have one of those gear thingy's(double coaster hub)thats wot i call it...
I know how jats feels had metal in my eye before xmas,most the time they pop out,but this one needed a needle to dig it out...
Like a horror movie.
Hi all...

I have been painting and now starting to assemble.

Here is the "bridge" piece between the fork and the conversion piece.

Everything is starting to come together. I am hoping to be done in about a week!

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