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This machine works great , so far I have done 20ga sheet metal and it worked out just fine , I like the foot pedal better than the on torch control , I guess I cant say enough about this tig welder , for the money I don't think you can buy anything better , I have only run it on 220 volt power but it will run on 110 volt for those that don't have 220 , just wish I had more time to get out in the shop and work on stuff but after 12hrs out in weather that is 0 or below I don't feel much like getting out there , going to have to soon as the dead line for the build off is getting close
Well i didnt make it in time for the vote but i got it done
2015 raffle bike done001.jpg
I know this is a year old, but I've been poking around the site again.
As always Jim, amazing work. I wish I could be there in the future when someone runs the serial number.