(WBO) Lightning- UPDATE 1/25/15 DONE

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Feb 25, 2009
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Picked up this 50's Columbia as a flipper for the upcoming Dudley, MA bike swap. The swap is February 22nd so I will be building this lightning fast. ;)
The plan is to strip the 3 coats of paint off, paint, different rims and tires different seat...etc. Basically just trying to make it an appealing cruiser that'll sell fast.

Here's the start...

Update 1-18-15

Today was a very icy day so I was stuck indoors. Figured I'd get going on Lightning.
I tore the bike down with no problems, washed the frame, soaked some bearings and sanded the frame. My original plan was to give it a slick black paint job, but with no time or proper painting weather, patina was the only way to go. And to be honest I really like it! Looks good bare metal, red, blue, gold, and white! :21:

Also did a quick mock up with the wheels and tires I will be using, Schwinn S-7's that I spray painted years ago.

Also did a quick serial number scan and came up with 1960? Can anyone verify....H1368XX.

Bearings soaking in Dawn/Simple Green Mix-Works real well!

Frame washed, sanded, and mocked up with the wheels. Using the WD-40 can and Goop container to hold the frame up. :113:

Gotta love that patina!

UPDATE 1/19/15

After a terrible day at work I came home to relax and build my bike. Finished cleaning up the bearings and installed the crank and fork after some greasing.

I cleaned up the crank and stem as best I could to get the rust and paint off.

After soaking the chain in Simple Green and Dawn it was still all gummed up with grease. I boiled some hot water then let the chain soak in that mixed with Dawn and it cleaned it right up.

Cleaned up the bars and through on the chain, wheels, and chainguard. Just need to get a different seat and put on the grips then I'm done.

Not sure why someone drilled a random hole in the down tube.

Cool man cool! The frame is beauuuutiful! Mono-stay rear end with a straightbar front..NICE!!
Thanks for the comments! Glad you all like it as much as I do (almost don't wanna sell it)!
UPDATE 1/25/15

Finished the bike! Actually finished it Wednesday but the weather wasn't nice for pictures. Grabbed an NOS Messinger saddle and NOS Wald kickstand from my LBS. Installed everything and made some valve caps. The bike rides real nice. I really don't want to sell it! Hope you all like it!

Nice job!

:)This could be a Christmas card...