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Hello everyone. I had a lot of work to do yesterday and was tight on time, so i did not made a thorough photo documentation, sorry.
I did re-weld the proper U brake bosses instead of V brake ones, both for the fork and for the frame. I also did assemble the bike with the GT Piston stem and the sprocket i made earlier.
I also did manage to make the brakes work, but they don't honestly function perfectly. The reasons for that are following: firstly some tiny steel drops might have ended up on the pivot surface while welding, and even after sanding them a bit the surface is not perfect any more; secondly the gyro rotor i have installed might use a bit more space between halves, but my fork and head tube won't allow me to use more spacers and still safely install the stem; and thirdly there could be small flaws in cable guiding and slightly damaged spring in one of the brakes. Anyway, the brakes work and the bike is functional, but when i have time to refine it to perfection, i might pay some more attention to brakes.
Anyway, that's how the bike looks now. It is practically finished, some last bits of rather aesthetical then functional purpose will be delivered tomorrow. Then it only would be left to take some nice pictures. I was going to take some shots in a BMX park, but it is raining hard now and the prognosis says it will continue to rain for another few days. I don't have a car, so i probably won't ride a fender-less bike in a weather like that to the wet park, and also won't use my camera in such a conditions :) So i'd still have to think how to organize that part of the process.

Sweet finish to this bike! Everything works so well together.
That is a very cool bmx'r :thumbsup:.

But, I think you have stated you are tall, so I would like to see the ride video :bigsmile:.
Sure thing! It is without a doubt too small for a comfortable ride, but anyway that's not my plan for this bike :) I'd use it to practice balance and do more fun stuff with it :)
I'd film a video today or tomorrow.
So, first of all, last update! I got some goodies delivered on Friday:

Then while final touch-up i have reassembled the rear brake, and broke the u-brake cap. It had already a little crack, but when i was applying tension the spring it became pretty bad. I measured the outside diameter - 21mm. Exactly the inner diameter of a 1" fork steerer tube.

Now the rear brake works significantly better, almost perfect.
Time for the riding video! I asked my friends to film me, but it was late night, so sorry for the dark video, i hope you see enough :D

Later on Saturday when i went out to take pictures i made few km around the town by this bike, and though cool looking, it is honestly VERY HARD to ride :D I mean it is pretty do-able, but it is a real work out. Physically exhausting :D Anyway, when i don't need to go far with it its very fun :D
And now here are some photos of the bike. First of all, i made few Polaroid shots :)





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