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Aug 3, 2010
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So I finally bit the bullet and joined the motorized bike club. Paid $100 for this Western Flyer bike with motor kit already installed and supposedly a big bore kit too. Waiting on a new clutch cable to come in from eBay then I'll tear into getting it running and riding again. This should be fun. I am debating on leaving the kit on this bike or putting it on a different one but I'll at least do the test and tune on this one.
That's quite a bargain , I'd stick with that frame . Cruisers are the best to power . MTB 's are twitchy at speed . Heavy Duty rims help MTB wheels = good choice Beware of the chain tensioner [ I call them Death Pops ] A Clam Shell Hub and sprocket equal long rim life, as each spoke is evenly torqued . I weld motor and Gas Tank mounts . Those tanks have a nasty habit of overturning, and spilling fuel .
I fitted a kit last yr on a 90's dept store mtb, it said in the instructions that you can bend that exhaust pipe to make it fit better, ie, bend it a wee bit up for a bit more ground clearance, I even made a crude rubber support strap, just to take a bit of weight off the exhaust and stopping excess vibration. it simply wrapped around the down tube and they supplied a small steel band to bolt it together.
I rekon this would help bring that pipe back in line with the bikes flow of frame sorta thing.
Been kinda thinking of doing a rear mounted setup on my trike and remove the motor from that bike. I got a flat mount cradle with the motor bike that allows the engine to be mounted on a flat plate so it would addapt pretty easy. I would need to get a sprocket for the axle but any go cart shop has those for a few bucks. Would definitely help turn those big 24x3's I have on it now.
that would be great! that motor on the trike.
have you ridden one of those petrol powered bikes, the one I built was 100cc HP model off flea bay, it did everything it said but its general performance was nothing to write home about! even at 100cc 2 stroke it still feels meidocre at best , more like a 50cc old school,scooter type power. I found it works best when I still pedal, to me it feels more of a pedal assist rather a motor cycle type power! like I said it still does everything they said but I was expecting something else LOL, like heaps of speed and power, I did hit 64kph a few days ago but pedalled hard out to get there, but once up there it was happy to stay there with some throttle response and control but sounds like its gonna blow LOL ringing its guts out! I now see on you tube buys running the motor onto the crank via a freewheel sprocket, allowing the use of all gears on the bike , it just means a bit more speed but nicer on the motor, the viedo's looked good.
I had one on a Bratz lowrider bike back in the day and it was squirrely as ever but ran good. Power leaves something to be desired but I'm mainly just looking for assist on trails not speed demon so with the right gearing it would be great for getting up to speed then let the pedals take over.