What characteristic makes a bike your favorite rider?

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Apr 1, 2014
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This GT of mine has sentimental value to me, as I was with my late brother when he found it in rough shape at a swap and unfortunately he never got it completed. After I inherited it, I repaired and modified it to suit me. It is light, comfortable and somehow I can make steep hills with it's single oval chain ring. I can actually feel my leg strokes make jumps forward in speed up hills. Always surprises me how awesome it is. :)
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It has to work. Right now, my favorite rider is either Duck Norris, or the Nameless Hardrock, depending on mood and intent. The Duck was built from the frame up to be exactly what I want. I want light, fast, and fun. The Hardrock always pushes me to go faster, harder, longer. However, neither of these are the favorite. That's the RockRat, for entirely sentimental reasons. This is the bike that saved my sanity and perhaps my life. It's been with me longer than any other, the longest relationship in my life other than immediate family. Sadly, it hasn't rolled in ages, been apart in pieces for years. Hopefully I'll get it back together soon, been piling up parts for a minute. Then I'll have to see if it lives up to the nostalgia
"What characteristics make a bike your favorite rider?"

My favorite rider is a Schwinn 26" cruiser.

Here are my reasons.

Ergonomics - I prefer an upright riding position. My back cannot handle a bent over riding position for very long.

Simplicity - Minimal rotating parts. The machine is function at its’ purest form.

Reliability - Practically bullet proof, there is nothing I can’t do myself in routine maintenance and I can do all repairs except lacing a new wheel.

Style - I prefer the retro style of a cruiser, especially a cantilever frame.

Memories - Jumping on my cruiser and going on a ride for an hour or so brings back some of the best memories of my life.

Accessories - I need a mirror to safely ride in my community. I prefer fenders because we get a six months rainy season May thru October.

Here are diagrams that I made up in MS Paint. They illustrate how simple I envision cruiser design.


Rotation x 4.png
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Response to pedal strokes and gear changes (if equipped)….and of course comfort.
My favorite rider by far is my Iron Horse Fat bike. It's comfortable, has gearing that makes for an easy ride, looks awesome, and it doesn't get bogged down as soon as you leave pavement.

After that one I suppose my favorite would be my 1950 Western Flyer Super skiptooth cruiser because it was a gift from a good friend and it's a really fun head turning bike to ride. Not to mention it puts a huge smile on my face just thinking I'm riding a 72 year old bike. Can't wait till spring so I can sand it down and repaint it back to it's original colors.
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fits whichever of my multiple personalities wants to go riding at that moment.
"What characteristics make a bike your favorite rider?"
how it fits me for most types of riding.
can I cruise it. yet still go supper fast if need be.
can I ride it in all types or weather Sun or Rain. we don't get snow here. can it handle street and dirt IE go were ever I want to ride with out a lot of work?

that all comes first then do's it have style may play in to it but not as much as the rest do.

that's how I rank my top five ALL AROUND riders.

but I have certain faves only good for 1 type of riding to. that's why I have more than 1 bike.

example the bike in my avatar fun to look at. it cruses OK. but you wouldn't take it off any sweet jumps at trails, bomb it down a dirt hill or even paved hill , commutate it back and forth to work LOL. just not built for that :p
At the current moment it's which one is closest to the door of my storage unit and I don't have to move 20 bikes to get to...lol.