What did you learn to drive in?

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Kevin B

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Mar 31, 2011
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For me it was a 53 Chevy pickup. It was just like the one below color wise but ours was a total rust bucket. Three on the tree and a starter pedal on the floor.
My first Personal car was a 57 Chevy.

Yellow 1980 Chevy chevette... floor boards were completely rusted out, my old man said don’t buy it son… of course I bought it anyway… $50 felt like a good deal.
My friends and I tried to kill it, we took the oil plug out and went joy riding in a corn field, it just wouldn’t die- so we drove it to the junkyard and the guy gave me $20 for it.
1973 LTD. Perkins township schools driver's Ed. The teacher didn't believe me when I said I had never driven any car or truck. I had many thousands of miles in on bikes though, making driving easy.


My first car, 62 Comet, 144 six, 50 bucks from a neighbor in 1976. I later junked it but looked for it when I retired from the AF in 2005. I wanted to make a gasser out of it. Probably was crushed 25 years before that.

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I bought my first car before I had my license, as such it was registered and insured in my dad's name while I learned how to drive. I bought it from a Ford mechanic for $750 in 2004. Both rocker panels were 100% expanding spray foam, but the rest of the car was nearly immaculate. Ran like a top, parts were a dime a dozen (I put tires on it for $29 a piece!!!), and it beat my buddy's Camaro in a drag race.

This is the only photo I have in digital but I have a lot of 35mm prints of it somewhere. 1991 Chevy Cavalier 2dr hardtop.


At the left of the frame is the truck I replaced the Cavalier with, an '88 Dodge Ram D150, in which I learned how to do burnouts and donuts 😁. Bought it for $1,200 from the grandson of the original owner. It had 66,000 original miles on it and, other than an ugly patch job above the left rear wheel and a badly bent lower control arm; the truck was cherry. I kept the Ram hood ornament when I sold it.

I miss both of these vehicles almost daily, lol.

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My brother had one too, I remember it having a small v6 in there? He surprised a couple of people with his.
I forgot they were putting V6's in those! 3.2L I think? Mine had the little 2.2L straight 4 and a whopping 95 horsepower. I only beat my buddy's Camaro because I had a better launch. His was a V6...possibly the same engine they were putting in the Cavalier?
I learned to drive in a 1959 Chevy Biscayne. 283, power glide, no power brakes or steering. It did have factory air conditioning.


Internet photo

My first car was a 1964 Plymouth Fury. 318, 3 speed on the tree, with PS. It was red over white with a red gut. I bough it with my paper root money, $300. Needed brakes and tires.


also internet photo