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Dec 29, 2009
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Western Mass
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i have got this bike listed on cl and im getting some real low ball offers... from a parts stand point am i out of line? seem to be having an issue with links and photos so if you would be so kind check out craigslist id 4913141361. id love to know what you all think. should i pull it apart and list the parts here?
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I would create a better title than "schwinn". Try "Kustom Schwinn Cruiser"

Then I would change the description to not talk about the reproduction parts. Talk about what a cool ride this is, how you will be the only one on the block and highlight some of the cool parts...Find out the year of the frame/fork as that is the springer fork with the offset pivot.

Also wait it out.....you guys have been in a deep freeze for the past 2 months.
I would put a used chain on it and sell it as a rider. People want to get on it and ride it. I agree with cman... I would removed every negative word in the ad.
It may not be the Holy Grail, you may not make a lot either selling whole or parting it. But treat it like it is the Holy Grail a cool one at that. OBO is just asking for Offers. I never even consider any offers unless the guy is right there ready to buy. Either in person or an Email. Good Luck
Jack the price up $200. That way when you tell them you will sell for $350. They think they are getting a deal.