What ever man.

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Apr 20, 2009
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Fairfax, VA
Racing and/or old timey theme bikes are awesome.
I didn't build one.
Working rusty crusty derelicts are cool.
I didn't do that.
Bomber/"Klunker" type bikes, basic or loaded with hi-tech state of the art parts rule.
I didn't make one.
Gadgets and odd-ball out-of-the-box controls are the bomb.
I don't have any.
Panoramic scenic vistas and civic art feature backdrops are fantastic.
Too dog-gone hot to ride that far.
Assembling otherwise unused parts into a rider is a-ok.
Ok then, nothing but bike.:comando:




Entry thread - http://www.ratrodbikes.com/forum/index.php?threads/yeah-whatever-man.98175/
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Thanks guys. With this years awesome collection of detailed exotics, theme bikes, and scratchbuilt customs I reckon a rebuilt street-tired atb ain't much to look at, but it was definitely worth doing. This frame is fairly light and dead straight, and the geometry suits me to a T. Pretty amazing considering how thoroughly the previous user trashed the original wheels and gears.
Re-use, re-cycle, re-rat. It's a great feeling to turn trash into treasure, you have done that with this one for sure! Looks solid, and as mentioned; it's black. Who can argue with that ?
Good looking ride. I'll bet it rides great and you don't need anything fancy to play along. You can just build whatever.......man....:21:...nice job...loved the dry humor too.