What have you been riding lately?

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Took Ambitious for a spin with the young bloke, I built him a skinny wheel BMX gear driven hybrid thingy, he loves it and i rekon its pretty cool! was a great day for a ride, after that we went home and did some weights, really enjoying the son ATM
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Love the BMX hybrid thingy! What is it? More info please.
Nice and warm yesterday while riding Chrome Molly here at Subic Bay Freeport Zone. The Boardwalk is about a mile long and has little traffic as it follows the coastline.

24 Mar 24 c.jpg
I snuck in a good test ride after finding a longer seat post to swap out on JC Piggins. I wanted more comfort from the brick hard seat & tried raising the sissy bar to the highest position. It gave me a better pedaling position & was able to slide forward a bit where there's a little more padding. Made a big difference!:grin: It kinda helps balance out those ridiculous ape hangers too! While riding, it looks to actual scale of a kid on a 20".

I rode Maurice on Saturday but didn't take pics. Too busy rockin', ridin' & having fun! Since being asked to lead the Old Bikes Club next month I've declared it "Ape-ril" & encourage everyone to ride their ape hanger/high rise bar equipped bike. Don't have one? You have a month to build or borrow one for the ride!😂😂

I caught the blast from the snow storm rolling in on my way home & the upright position turned my back into a sail! Especially when my hoodie flipped up. This bike is a blast to ride! I have more options to try out in the weeks ahead. Mr. Piggins may end up with a late 60's update in the end......🤷‍♂️
Photos from my most recent rides.

Uptown Melbourne on the 41 Sears Collegiate aka Teenage Dirtbag

41 Colson Loopie

56 Hornet at Brighton Beach

Albert Park F1 Circuit, the smoothest road in town

Early morning ride on the 2012 Kos to Williamstown pausing to watch the black swans

98 Speedliner at Port Melbourne Beach

80 Kos with Aussie GT Falcon

2023 Build off bike, Stealthmaster at The Elvis Memorial, Melbourne Cemetery

62 Typhoon at Luna Park, St Kilda
I never took a ride of any length on the 1901 Mixte. After changing the bars and airing up the tires, away I went. It's got a good cruising gear, 52/18 with 27" wheels. 79 Gear inches, no uphill for me.


The 27" wheels look huge next to 26" wheels.

Today it was time to put some (protest) miles on my new ride and show off another hidden feature, the "underfloor lights"


I rode one more time with the group RespectCyclists through Berlin and @camus joined as well.

You can see us riding along at 00:25 and 00:45 in the video of the linked mastodon post