What have you been riding lately?

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Besides the folding, the crazy thing here is, that the saddle moves sideways, when you peddle. It was a bit like riding a swing bike, everything is moving...
But the small wheels would be a problem on the cycle paths if Berlin...
@SwissGuy I want to know what the build quality of the plywood cargo bike was like?
That was by far the heaviest bike I rode, but the motor took care of that.
The quality was very high, but I felt a lot of flex in the whole frame.
I like the ones with a large forward cargo area. I could sit in there, enjoy all the consumables it would carry, then take a nap in it. At the beach with an umbrella. :113:
I saw a lot of people just doing that...😁😉
Some more pictures from the bikes on display and also from some of the visitors


Quite a few cargo bikes had a top AND a lower loading deck

Here you can switch/take off the top deck with a quick release system and fold up the lower deck


This tandem you can take apart for better transport


And this cargo bike can be folded for better storage


Dit is Berlin... (That's Berlin) 😁

I think this pedalcar is also documented somewhere in this forum...

This was one of the two test tracks

Besides several races (street and fixed gear), there was also a bike polo tournament going on
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First ride on my rebuilt ‘51 Panther, the first Schwinn frame i bought in 2008. I’ve changed this bike a heap of times over the years but it was begging for new paint.

I had the frame powder coated and painted the tank and bars. I extended the bars 3 inches, stiffened up the springer and stuffed a Nexus 8 out back I pulled from a girl’s bike. I would still like to fit a skip tooth drivetrain but it rides do nice I should call it done.
I got in a much needed afternoon of riding on my Elgin to help process newly found information in my research along with a few more "How does that even happen?" events recently to tey to make sense of it all. To reach out to my Scottish roots I went to the Tartan Days being held at the fairgrounds in hopes of finding a kilt or 3.

Sadly, no kilts but found my Clan!😍

And armaments!

An afternoon of pedaling was just what I needed to help make sense of newly gained info. Along with a coffee waffle cone from Scrumptious on the way home.🤓
^^Sportkilt.com will make you a custom Johnston(e) kilt (they have two listed). Pricey though. I've been using Sportkilts since the 80s for changing at races and sometimes for running in the local St Patty's 5k.
If had to choose one of my todays rides (and didn't have to worry about money) it would be the green iumentum at the top! I had a big grin on my face, when I brought it back!
By far the best (cargo) bike I tried today!
I just ran it through the configurator on their site (I just HAD to know it). Without e-motor it would be around 3000 € with motor about 5000 € in a fairly basic configuration without all the fancy stuff (Rohloff Speedhub would cost another 1100 € alone...).
I think this are very fair prices they call...
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1981 Raleigh Competition GS
Reynolds 531, Suntour dropouts, frame made in Japan during Huffy's brief licensing of Raleighs sold in the USA.
GS = Campangnolo Gran Sport componets. A rebuild project still in progress. Has Shimano aero levers and DiaCompe brakes yet to be replaced with Campagnolo GS.
I’ve been trying to catch up on some small projects before the build off starts, swapped the seat on one bike, grips on another, couple flat tires to deal with etc. so I’ve been moving bikes around, this one hasn’t been outside in a long time so I
rode it around the neighborhood for a while tonight, think I’ll bring it to the bike path this weekend, forgot how much fun it is
While getting a bike (Second Helping) ready to go, I swiped the wheels from an earlier build (Splat Rat). So I went through my pile of parts and upgraded to a SRAM 2 speed and a 36 tooth chainwheel.

I went for a ride, it's got a good gear ratio for offroad, 36/19 and second gear is just a little higher then a normal one speed. Second kicks in at about 11 mph, so I'm usually in low.

As I have written over in my CobblestoneRat Build thread I spent the last two days at the VELO fair in Berlin Tempelhof. Yesterday a mainly looked at different bikes, checked out some specials and today I did loads of testriding, according to my tracking app it was around 11km on the testtracks...
This is a screenshot from my app:
View attachment 262497
And here are todays rides. Mostly CargoBikes but also some specials sprinkled inbetween :wink1:
View attachment 262486View attachment 262487View attachment 262488View attachment 262489View attachment 262490View attachment 262491View attachment 262492View attachment 262493View attachment 262494View attachment 262495View attachment 262496

The matching Cockpit Shots are over here...

Tomorrow I'll post some more pictures of the bikes If seen and admired...
Wow! Some Cargobikes are cool.

We have a unique chance to buy or build a New/Used electric cargo bike to haul stuff and take the kids.
I have gathered a lot of information and tried some bikes.

So I have ridden these the past days:



The original.

And tomorrow I can try this one:

I really want to build one, but I have a thousand projects and it is not clear 'insurance-wise' when you build an electric cargo bike yourself.
Cargo bikes are so cool to ride!
The one big problem is maneuverability when not riding. There the 3-wheelers have a huge plus, when you can just lift up the rear end and turn the bike around. The 2-wheelers in the classic 20-front+26/28-back set up fail here big time, except the ones with cabled steering, where the front wheel can turn 90 degrees and sometimes more (the iumentum bike I rode allows almost 100°), where shaft-linked steering usually allows around 30° to 45°