What have you been riding lately?

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Such a beautiful day for a blast around town on the ‘41 Colson loop tail. It is now running the cranks and wheels with a Nexus 7 speed that were were previously fitted to my Panther.

Have a great weekend and safe riding.



Yeah, I have thing for buildings with red bricks.
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Took the Wolverine this morning for a quick 40km spin to the sandpit in the Grunewald and back before (a late) breakfast...
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And now after some garden work I'm "riding" my hammock and listening to the nightingale...

Later we will put some meat, sausages and corn on the grill... Enjoy your Sunday!
Last Monday I rode a Flightliner I got at a local swap meet the day before, the next day I rode my Columbia Firebolt, the next day I road a Monark that I put together from parts I found at swap meets and last Thursday I rode a Schwinn Tornado that I converted into a pretend Stingray. It rained all day Friday so I didn’t have any fun.
Yesterday I rode my Huffy Eldorado.


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I’m going to take this out for a spin today. I picked it up this morning. I don’t know for sure what it is, couldn’t find a lot of info about Ross 26” bikes that look like it. Found a couple pictures calling it a Ross twin bar, and some saying it’s a Central Park. It has skinny tires.


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Rode my OCC Stingray XL around the neighborhood for a few laps this evening before it got dark and the weather got ugly. Covered the bare seat pan with a bunch of socks, mop heads and a tank top. Man I love riding this thing! Can't wait to ride it further once I get the brakes fixed!
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No grips, no brakes, whatever I can find laying around to sit on just to scratch that itch to ride something. Probably had a silly grin the whole time. Priceless!! :rockout: