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Cruisey day today.

Rode around Diamond Lake in South Central Oregon (near Crater Lake NP)... didn't GPS as we had no cell signal all weekend... I'd reckon 17-20miles. I guess we were roughing it...if you count TV, DVD, A/C, and a Pizza/Sub shop roughing it :thumbsup:.

The local volcanoes...Mt Thielsen (the Lightning Rod of the Cascades)...

Mt Bailey...

...and where Mt Mazama would be if it hadn't become Crater Lake...



Our typical vacation rides...the Electras, Sonny Garcia and Eric Malone. Both pristine bikes when I got them, a little beat up these days. RV life. :bigsmile:



...and back to the 'rough' camp.
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I made it up to about 100' shy of the peak on that lightning rod before getting stopped by some vertical. The view up there is phenomenal.
If given the choice which volcano to summit... I'll choose the pizza/sub shop...did I mention they have Umpqua ice cream as well!? :grin:
I got to ride my 1919 Arch Frame Mead Ranger for Bike Night last night for a test ride after an overhaul. We had 175 riders at the start & the theme was "Concert T-shirts".

Now I have the urge to go to Chili's because "I got my Baby Back, Baby back, Baby back....." :inlove: :heart: 🥰😍🤩🥳🥳
Nice winter's day in Brisbane (21c) so I took 'The Boss' down to the Bayside for a ride along the beach. Literally. Low tide is fun on this bike.


Stopped out at the point and had a snack and a drink. The frame bag has a puncture kit, pump and a few tools in case of oysters.


But it was all good so I headed back around the Esplanade with the idea of getting out to the jetty further north, but the Sunday Markets were on and way too crowded for me.


So I about faced and watched some sport on the way home. Some day it was too.


Good ride - around 20km all up.
You don't see those up here too often. That's a nice bike
Thanks Matti, the Specialized is a nice all original (aside from new chain, pads, bearing service, tire swap, grips) cruiser.
It turned out to be a nicer bike than expected, so I kept it intact for any interested parties, but not many nibbles.
I got the bike partly because it had an appropriately aged looking set of Schwinn Typhoon Brick tread tires for a '51 Phantom that I'm currently wrestling with.
The Shark is in the rotation while awaiting a new home, but each time I go for a spin, I still consider transplanting the 4 speed set up to a much deserving elderly frame that could use the assistance getting around.

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