What have you been riding lately?

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When MonkeyArms posts those group ride pictures, my hope for humanity is restored, if only for a moment. I need to move to a bike-centric area.

I have my first cross race of the season on Sunday, so I put new brake pads on the Ridley and took it out for a few hot laps on my local cross practice loop in a nearby park last night:

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Feel free to visit any time! I can move a couple of bikes to clear a spot.🤓

^^ I'm up to my eyeballs in raising littles. For that reason I barely get enough riding. I can't justify spending any of that valuable time trying to convince my tough town about bicycles.

The toughest & noble of all jobs. Trying to teach the little one's to be good people. 👍👍
The toughest & noble of all jobs. Trying to teach the little one's to be good people. 👍👍
Seconded, well put Eric!

If you look closely at @Mr. Monkeyarms photos of this weekly ride, youngsters are an integral part of it and that often includes the tiny ones being trailered and toddlers on trail-a-bikes. My daughter was raised this way and though her enthusiasm for cycling is not as high as mine, she readily admits that it helped shape her life in a most positive manner. It also has taught her patience and understanding of cyclists when behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Again, rides like this defintely have their place in advocacy and most importantly help teach the young ones how to be good people.
Will ride for coffee...
Any info or pictures of the fatty cargo bike in the background? 😍
Schwinn stingray chopper with 26x4.00 wheels and tires, soon to be motorized.
One last ride today before breaking it down for prep, paint, and finish.

I bought a new 520 for camping trips a few weeks ago, and the trips keep getting cancelled. So I threw on one of a pair of new waterproof bags Saturday as a test fit. Rode to the Post Office. I won't know for sure until they've been used a bunch, but they seem nice for the money (RockBros).


Then I installed a new/used Tortec rear rack on the Windsor and test rode it for rattles.


the plan was to sell the Windsor after buying the 520, but I don't think I can do it.
After a highly productive weekend, it was time to relax and ride some pavement, crushed fine path, and gravel road, with a bonus stop for a couple dozen laps at a Velosolutions pump track. Swung through the muni rose garden on the way through town upon return.


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