What music do you listen to as you build?

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Generally something in the punk genre. For instance, when I was working on the bike Saturday it was Voodoo Glow Skulls and Social Distortion...until the battery in my speaker died. :(
long beach allstars has been a recent fave. as well as groundation and eek-a-mouse into a reggae beat on da build mon

Vitamin String Quarter today!

NPR (national public radio)
I just set the Zune on shuffle; From memory it played;
Grateful dead sugar magnolias
Slayer Gemini
Tomahawk ?????
Kyuss blues for a red sun
Thought Industry horsepowered
Flogging Molleys when I'm drunk again(could have been Dropkick Murphys)
Steve Via sisters
Lead Belly my girl(song Nirvana covered)
John Wayne (does the song name matter? Just the fact I listen to these guys speaks volumes about me)
Derek Trucks joyful noise
Butthole Surfers moving to Florida
The Accused devil woman
Walter Trout life in the jungle
Sugar Ray right direction
Santana jingo
Serj Tankanian sky is over(from the symphony album)
Plugz hombre secreto
John Fogerty and the Blue Ridge Riders garden party
the Faction lets get cokes
Deftones shut up and drive far away

I am pretty much all over the map, no classical, no new rap, and never ever any old country(ya know with a steel twanging slide guitar) but otherwise I'll give it a spin.....
Imelda May when I need to motivate,

and Joe Satriani when I'm working.


I listen to a variety of different things but I thought I'd share this music with everyone.

The band is called 'ACT OF CONGRESS' from Birmingham Alabama. They are all a great bunch of folks. The bass player (Tim Carroll) is a good friend of mine whom I've played and recorded jazz with for years now.
Here's a couple of videos. If you like it there's more out there. :D


WSHA--public radio from Shaw University in Raleigh, NC. Check it out on the air or on the web.

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