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Sep 11, 2011
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I have a few shocks from scrap bikes i found. And was wondering what to do with them. I have 1 idea. but want to see what u did with them
My neighbor just put a triple tree fork from a NEXT onto a Huffy Cranbrook.
I put a huffy shock on the front of my Kulana store runner and I am about to mock up a linkage suspension using a shock fork on the rear of it. Trust pictures are to follow!

I built my Dyno a long time ago with gas fork, blew it up, replaced it with a Rock shock Jett;

It rides great, I beat on it like a mountain bike, no babying, works pretty good adjusted all in tight!
Plenty of uses for those springs from the rear of mountain bikes.
You can build your own springer forks or rear ends, they work pretty good for sprung seats, not bad as paperweights even! Just make sure you get them really clean first, grease is hard to remove from important papers...