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All BMXers? Surely not all 80 bicycles?

Oh wait… The stretch bike didn’t load the first time. That’s pretty bizarre, which means I like it.
na 40 + are BMX. 5 are Road bikes IE fix gear or multipool geared 700 C wheelers, a few are balloon tire cruisers, some are custom one off frame builds. plus 2 recumbents. then a stretch cruiser with a gas motor. a couple multipool geared 20 " border line mountain bike/ FI bikes. but ya most the bulk is BMX



at 1 time I had 20 stingrays and 5 lowrider Stingrays. but bikes like this one left. to make room for new builds.

can't keep them all only so much room /parking space.
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Some cool unique bikes on here !

The Scout is a 61, it was my grandfathers and I inherited it several years ago. It only has 46,000 miles on it ! Lots of memories of hunting & fishing trips, feeding horses & cows out of it, etc. Luckily my Grandfather always kept it inside and didn't abuse it.
I'll start...
(Does not include my Salsa Journier)
I have a 1950 straight bar at the metal shop getting straightened and I have a CWC at the same metal shop getting a couple of holes filled both prior to being powder coated for brand new builds
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