Why black and red?

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cuz, The Devil is in Black & Red :mad: .Back in the 50's anything associated with the Devil was Anti-Social, So 'outlaw' Hot Rodders wanted some thing to agro. the conservatism, Just for Kicks:cool2:
The black and red color combo is older than the '50s and goes beyond cars and motorcycles. Or the Devil (lol).
Examples of black with red wheels and trim can be found in early toy/electric trains. Here's some cast iron electric train locomotives from around 1911...
I share your sentiment on flat black and red. Not a fan. I dont care for flat paint, Id rather have original beat up paint thats been cleaned and waxed.

I think flat black and red became the go-to for rat rod cars and has just carried over. It fits the prescribed mold for rebellion colors. Rebellion being the origin for rat rod cars. So if you want rebel and choose the same as everyone else....are you really rebelling or just following the trend.

Off my soap box, rant over. If you just like the color combo or have that paint already laying around, go for it, Ill still check out your build