Winter Build Off - 50's Huffy (?The Dayton Lowrider?)

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Jun 5, 2012
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I plan to build a kustom/lowrider style bike out of a mid 50's huffy frame

The tank i bought from member "spistols" is the main inspiration for the build style
I liked how the fins on the car graphic match the chain guard that i had bought a while back at a swap meet (i had seen another bike with that style chain guard on this site but couldn't find thread) i believe it was a german or british bike
as for the springer i will either use a reversed rat trap if i use peaked roadmaster fenders or a reversed beehive (i dont have all the parts for the beehive yet)
the banana seat is an old swap meet find that has blue metal flake a white trim
as for wheels i have a modern set of 72 spoke but i may considering using something that might have been used in the 50's/60's
any one have ideas on what i can use
this is going to look cool!! love the chain guard!!! the tank frame and guard work together really well :)
Like many in any of the build off's they fall to the waist side, but maybe it will get finished by the deadline.
I think you mean wayside... but waist side is a pretty funny visual,
"Yeah I was building a bike but then I rolled by a beanery and just had to stop...":21:

I also would have accepted "waste" side but i don't want to waste such a nice build

unfortunately i will not be able to have this done for the winter build off
I had decided on putting on some road master chrome Gothic fenders but no luck finding any in my price range as of right now
plus i haven't been able to decide on an appropriate wheel set that i want to use
so everything is on hold until i can get the parts i need
(also does anyone know if the Schwinn exercycle wheel covers fit 24" or 26" rims)
the one I have off of the coppertone exer fit a 20"


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