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Apr 11, 2013
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Mesa, Az USA
This is the frame I'll use for my "Anything Goes" entry. I was given this '40? CWC Road Master frame , for free, while trick or treating! I've been chompin at the bit to do something with it!

This is the mock up idea. 20" and 24" wheels from an OCC stingray, streach it out some, repurpose a triple tree fork, board track it a bit and squirt some paint on her. All with a Pittsburgh Steelers theme!

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Cool ideas! Good luck!
I just realized the irony of the Cleveland Welding Company frame being built into a Pittsburgh Steelers themed bike! Any yinz Clowns fans want a little AFC North Winter Build Off side action!? Just kidding...finally feelin good after last night's win! Lol

Man don't make me build a Chicago Bears bike...:bigboss:

Oh hey, nice frame brother.

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So I was mocking up the build a little bit more yesterday and had a question regarding the fat tire on the rear. The hub on this rim from flange to sprocket is about 7 inches if I had to guess. Just looking at the chain alignment using a standard American bottom bracket. It looks like it could be an issue. I'm thinking that pushing the chainring as far away from the sprocket is the key. Any advice?

Thx kingfish, I'll check 'em out. I really want to stay true to the mock up version. I think it gave it a meaty pro street motorcycle look.

You should still be able to achieve that if you put the OCC BB into the CWC BB the same way that Yoothgeye did on Sand Rover.

I don't think you can make a normal width BB work with a 4" rear hub without some offset. The chain line needs to be pretty straight to keep the chain from coming off.
I took a look at that but all I have is the OCC rims and tires, no BB to salvage. I would get one but think it would look go big and out of place hangimg out there. I wanted to add gears because of the reach and the forward pedal design that the frame will have. I don't even know if this is possible but I was thinking of using an old Shimmano 333 3spd hub moded into a jack shaft. Maybe a trans brake also? Gears, brakes and alignment all in one.

Good ideas! Looking forward to seeing them work.
I was given this '40? CWC Road Master frame , for free, while trick or treating!
...And I always thought that the best houses gave out candy bars!:43: You must have had an awesome costume.:android:
So today I put saw blade to metal and yelled out...DO WORK SON!! I started with the first hurdle which was spreading the rear stays to accept the 20"x4" rear tire.

With the help of the spring compressor, some wood, a pipe bender and a mallet i got her in there in about 2 hours!



Not perfect but within 4 mm. In figured that was as close as I was gonna get with a 1 shot deal!

Next is to let her stretch her legs a little.

So insted of burying myself in a frame stretch today I instead gathered and mocked up my 3 speed jack shaft.


The idea is to add a spacer in between the hub flange and a new sprocket. And add a disk brake!

By flipping the wheel and making a "Lincoln Locker" out of the freewheel, the Shimano 333 3 speed hub jackshaft with a spacer should work out perfect.

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I have scoured the web and haven't seen a set up like this before. If anyone has heard of or done this before advice would be appreciated for ideas. But I think I have it under control.


I would have just used a Beast crank set up when I relocate the BB up and forward, but thought it would look to big and not flow with the lines good.


I'm trying to add a little wow factor with some functionality and a bit of steam punk styling!


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