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Nov 24, 2009
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Boise ID
Picked up this bike about 3 years ago, been outside almost ready to hit the scrap yard. The thing is, I hardly toss anything out.
The wheels are toast, so new wheels are in order.

So yesterday I was already to start, the frame was pink, removed some paint and it became red and then bare metal. I'm using just the parts I have on hand. I have no budget to spend much money. But the rear 24" coaster wheel is one I don't have. So I might have to break the bank on one.

The mock up, I did stuff a 26 in the rear, up front is a fork off the mini Schwinn chopper, yard sale for $5 big ones.....

Side View, when it warms up above freezing, I'll get back at it. Working outside all day and then to the cold garage is not fun.

love the 26/ 24 look! and that front end cool looking mock up!


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I've never really dealt with 24in bikes. Are the frames typically smaller as well? This frame looks tiny with that back wheel on it. Looks pretty cool.

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it does! and yes, 24' bikes are smaller, now days they are the big kid bikes/ small women bikes at Walmart. at least thats were I see them:) my kids had a couple when they were like 11-12

Bump for the cold weather out there, Its tough in a cold garage when you under the weather. So today I made an offer on a bike just for the wheel set. A lot less $$$ than for the one 24 coaster. All along I was debating on building one, but $40 was way easier just to buy a bike. Then added an alloy chain ring that I got at a yard sale. Now I need to find a color that will work, add truss on the fork for that cool retro look and maybe build some bars for it.

Problem with the head set. Stuffing a newer kids Schwinn 1 1/8 chopper fork in a pre-war frame. Its to long, not enough threads to scrunch it down. Need to find a spacer and insert it, Cool pain job when it warms up. This week its going to get down to the single digits for a bit. And the Alunium piece I had, well it grew legs and hit the road....
I've used everything from washers to rear sprockets to just about anything else I can find that will fit the headtube. The more unconventional the better! I hear ya on the weather. I think we all need to head down with Luke & those guys in the winter & come back here for the summer! I can handle the heat but the cold sucks!
Brother you can cut that tube down. I did. Push the threaded bit inside the tube just past where you need to cut it, yeah it moves further in but you can't pull it out! When I cut mine I cut it below the threaded bit then I had to reinsert it, THAT was a pain. Pushing it in just below your cut will be easier.

I found the aluminum Ii lost, I need a 2 inch spacer to install below the lower race. But tonight my room mate and myself got wound up in a full suspension GT rebuild and a Proflex build. Now 5 hours after the proper dinner time its time to eat.
Its been too cold to do much hacking on the bike. Just ideas floating around. Need to sand and paint when I get things figured out. Need to make the mess out side, I might make the bars, add trusses on the forks, The color scheme is picked out, its going to be far out. So today its been snowing on and off with the wind blowing. One things for sure, I need to pick up the pace.
So in the mean time, I picked up a Proflex and 2 TREK Alloy frames and I have been tinkering around with those. So now I'm up to 5 Proflexe's. And two of them have the Girven and need new shocks instead of the melted or the hard polymers. For the Good stuff it might be $600 per bike to get tricked out. Priced all the bikes when new, $1,400 to $3.500 each. But for me, the budget is like $50 per bike......
Ok ok, so you wanted an up date, the inversion is gone, that means the frozen fog is gone, then the snow and rain came..... So I bet CMAN in on the slopes.

So today with a break in the weather I got something done on the project. forks are good to go. Original Saddle back on, funky bars added.

So it a go, or no go, on the bars?


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