Winter Buildoff: BFG Klunker Soundgarden edition

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Sep 2, 2011
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I have this in the builds section, but just got done with it so I figured I'd put it here as well. Don't really have pics of the build, but there was no painting, welding, etc.. so it's not really that exciting I guess;)


and after:

Parts list:
1946 BFG DX frame
Specialized bullmoose bars
Araya rims
Bendix 2 speed manual rear hub, quick release front hub
Custom Soundgarden sprocket
Bear trap pedals
Schwinn stamped crank
Kenda pathfinder tires

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Well isnt the purpose of joining in on a build-off, so we can watch the process of building the bike? Just my op.

Yup... but let's be honest. Do we need to see what a crank looks like before I put it in the BB? I figured with no welding, painting, major mods, looking at the build would just be looking at bike parts laying on the floor.
While it probably would not be accepted into the big build off rules, we are running a basically no rules build-off, we know he did not even have some of the parts before the build-off so it's fine with me if he is in...


P.S. Just make sure it is finished by the deadline! :grin:
*(Seriously though, pics must be in the finished thread before the deadline to be included...)
cool chain ring!! like the bike you have 2!! more pics would be cool!!!

Just found these Schwinn script bolt on brakes for the front. I saw these on a bunch of the klunkers on and was on the search and finally found a set. Also ordered a Wald 13/16 post with 7/8 top along with a new seat clamp so I can put my modern mountain bike saddle on there. Pictures will probably be here some time the end of next week by the time I get everything and put on.
Got some updated pics and a few changes were made to the bike. Got rid of the truss rods so I could fit the canti brake cables up front. New seat and post and of course the canti bolt on brakes I finally got on with NOS pads.

Great build! Love the brakes!

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