winterbuild jats's, Momma jats-a-trike? anything goes

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May 4, 2012
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Oregon high desert
here we go pics of a parts pile to follow!! here we go!!

Troy and Laurie!!
GO Momma Jats GO!
so hear is the frame and an old trashed trike that will donate parts as well as a couple tubing donor frames

O.k. so minus 4 today colder tomorrow! lovin it and will be building this weekend so will have the first pics then!

ok so this was this morning were I work

and later in the day at home

will be able to heat the shop starting friday so will start building!! can't wait till winter starts!!

Not that cold here, but i have an unheated garage and a door is missing, so it is whatever outside temps are rigt now... looking forward to the trike build! :cool2:

Just a taste of the weather here at the moment:


I just clicked on Jats' Avatar and the pop up shows "jats was last seen: Dec 24, 2013" so hope everything is okay in Jatsville...

sorry have been gone so long! Everything is going good but work got in the way of play for a couple months!!!!! Momma Jats is well also and with poor weather she has not been able to so much either. unfortunately was unable to build this winter build off but should be starting a build next week!!

Troy Jats

got home today and this is what my yard and in front of the shop looks like! we are suposed to get around 8 more inches tonight might hold off on starting a project for a couple more days;) :rofl:

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