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Sep 11, 2011
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I want to see your wooden tanks. i plan on putting one on my next project. so post yours
I'm just going to bungee cord a log on the top bar of my rat and call it a day. I'm pretty lazy these days! :lol:
How about a pattern for a metal tank made out of wood? :mrgreen:


A wood shelf I bought at a thrift store cut to fit this Ross frame. I later covered it in naugahyde with gauchos.

I still need to do a little bit more finish sanding on my fir burl tank
I lucked out on a huge piece of it for only ten bucks
Thanks guys, here is one I finished today for another bike I have
still drying. Photos alittle blurry at the top, my new phone hates me!
RatSphinx said:
Thanks :D but sadly I changed my mind about how I wanted to do this build half way threw making the tank but finished it anyways because I hate to have something laying around half finished. I already have too many things going at once anyways might as well finish an easy one and get it off my list. Here it is all polished up!
so if anyone is looking for a one of a kind tank for a J.C Higgins I do like to do trades :lol: I will have it posted in the trades section.
I do have more of that wood *hint hint*