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Dec 12, 2012
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Here is my finale shot was hard picking one but I think this one shows the bike best

Heres my second pic




Heres where I started

More stuff to come just wanted to get it in on time

Heres my build link

This bike is a 1930s Marshall Wells Zenith that had kind of a YinYang chain wheel on it when I got it
so that's how I came up with the name . And we all need a little peace and understanding right now with all that's happening in the world .
If you have a Snyder fastback and it's a Zephyr you call it a Zep so I guess this is a Zen .
Newest parts on it are the Schwinn mini apes the grips and the tires the rest is old stuff and nos old stuff .
The wheels on this bike are probably the nicest set I have ever had show chromed drops with thick spokes true and spin awesome they where originally off one of the Royal Flyer bikes I bought years ago but I did not know they existed until I bought them from the same guy I bought the frames from
this year .
Paint on this bike is probably my last full paint job found a good powder coater for future projects and having some breathing problems so time to quit .
Pretty much used up my parts stash on this one but happy with the results .
Kept it pretty clean just a head light speedo combo tail light and one home made gizmo ( the battery can ).

If I get a thumbs up from the Black Monarch It would be as good as a win as his bikes are the reason I wanted one of these bikes so bad and his leather work on seats also inspired me to do a few of those as well.

Thanks for all the great comments and likes from all you guys and good luck to all .
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Great looking ride! Glad to made it in time. Nice work on this one!

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