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    Need help identifying this bike

    Pull the crank and look in the center for AS and two numbers. If the crank is original, it is a pretty accurate way of getting the year correct. The photo below from one of mine shows AS 37 which is 1937.
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    1937 LaSalle bomber

    Thanks! My favorite part of this hobby is finding bikes that are way beyond needing some attention and making them riders again. I cut the cable long before it was cool, so the time that I don't spend glued to a tube is better used in other frivolous pursuits :21:
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    1937 LaSalle bomber

    There was some paint bleed through in a few spots so the surface needs to be real smooth and more care taken to ensure the stencils are fully adhered. Maybe color sand the panels before stenciling. I waited about 45 minutes after the last coat to remove the stencils. The diamonds on the seat...
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    1937 LaSalle bomber

    Some more progress. Color sanded it. I started with 1500 grit to knock down the tape ridges, finished with 2000 grit. I then applied the LaSalle down tube transfer. Finished it with 2k clear coat. Now it needs to cure a few days and I'll hit it with polishing compound and start building it up...
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    Shimano 3 speed cable end holder thingy

    If this is what you are looking for, search Ebay "Shimano fulcrum clamp"
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    Schwinn 'The World' Craigslist Score

    No integrated kickstand and straight chain stays says this is prewar. The serial number indicates 1940. Great find! It should clean up nicely.
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    Scrap steel is at $0.36 a pound; just saying,,,,,,,,,
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    1937 LaSalle bomber

    I spent some time cleaning up the head badge. Back during the winter I soaked it in ketchup for two days which removed the corrosion. This morning I polished it, taped it off, air brushed the blue. After it dried I wet sanded the lettering to expose it again. It also required some scraping with...
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    1937 LaSalle bomber

    Thanks! I'm trying to turn out better paint jobs, I've never been good at it.
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    I guess it would be an art bike. The craftsmanship looks really top notch. The builder hit their theme with gusto. I don't have a mad desire to add it to my fleet though.
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    1937 LaSalle bomber

    Getting closer. Now it needs to cure for a week and I'll color sand & hit it with clear.
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    The Rorschach test adds to the intrigue, I like it!
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    Hornswoggler *DeLuxe*

    Hello Dolly, well hello Dolly. Tonights plan was to paint the main color on my LaSalle project but the weather said no. (what kind of idjit does two extensive builds at the same time? This kind of idjit, that's who :crazy:) So, I started tapping out dents instead. No blood blisters or blackened...
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    Hornswoggler *DeLuxe*

    I've been on a lucky streak of finding cool bikes and parts for the past year. I know I've got a dry spell coming because that's just the way it seems to work.
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    Felt Heavy Duty

    Good try. It's probably more important to press them in correctly than remove them with a proper tool. I use a big brass drift and 32 ounce hammer to get them out. My home made installation press is two thick aluminum pucks, a few flat washers, and a piece of threaded rod. The last time I used...