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    Bummer about the damage, but I expect someone with the Park Tool FFG-2 could make short work of that repair.
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    Missing 'Like' emoji

    Annnd...the two I tested are Win7 32-bit; one using Opera browser and the other using Brave. Just for good measure, I booted up Linux and got the same result. No common thread, other than the site itself.
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    Missing 'Like' emoji

    I'll go one better. I just checked from a totally different computer, with a new browser that had never visited the site before. Still no change. It's a minor irritant, though, as they seem to function properly. Only the visual emoticons are absent.
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    Missing 'Like' emoji

    Purged cache and restarted browser--no change.
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    Missing 'Like' emoji

    Same here...not back for me.
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    ⬡⬣⬡⬣⬡ HEXtreme ⬡⬣⬡⬣⬡

    If you DO decide to polish, a cone buff gets into all the tight places.
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    ⬡⬣⬡⬣⬡ HEXtreme ⬡⬣⬡⬣⬡

    I thought about that, as well, but traditional body lead doesn't stick to aluminum. Here in the US they do market an 'aluminum' brazing rod that is mostly made from zinc. It, too, is formulated to melt at 700-750 Fahrenheit, so can be applied with a common plumber's torch. It is unclear how...
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    Things that make you go....whut?!
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    Easy ways to paint stripes on rims?

    Yeah...I'm told you need to use sign paint in these mechanical stripers. I suspect it's thick like pudding--no runs.
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    We bought a 100+ year old stone cottage!

    I see I'm not the first to feel a little concerned. I know Luke's got his hands full with home improvements, but it's been close to a year since he's chimed-in here. Sure hope he's okay.
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    Easy ways to paint stripes on rims?

    I'm surprised someone hasn't come up with a 3-D print knock-off of the Beugler. EDIT: Ta-Da!
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    ⬡⬣⬡⬣⬡ HEXtreme ⬡⬣⬡⬣⬡

    Just so there's no mistake, these are common on English three-speeds. The oddball Schwinn size is ISO 597.
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    That OA really did the trick!
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    The Smoke

    "Corinth is famous for its leather!" -- Sterling Archer