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    Bicycle Swap Meet Sunday March 22 CANCELED CANCELED Thompson CT / Former Dudley bike show

    Thanks. We hope for a continuation of this excellent weather to make for a great day. ...Stevil
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    CANCELED SORRY BICYCLE SHOW Nov 17 Grosvenordale CT (Thompson) formerly Dudley Bike Show.

    Great, just in time to generate some Xmas gift funds !
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    dyno kosmopolitan

    Love the accents...only. : (
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    Save the DATE JUNE 9th, Wethersfield CT Bicycle Festival, Show, and Swap Meet

    Great day, getting bigger and better each year. Quick sales of a Kick bike and my first 20” rat rod bike that run its last ride.
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    Pete the Rat

    Yes to the tires,but did you need to weld the seat bar ? ...Stevil
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    Any upcoming swap meetsin the New England area?

    Nice Joel, we hope Hammerhead is still waiting for a swap. In New England,which CT is part of. I’ll be there...Stevil
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    Bikes on bridges

    NERRB in Maine 2018
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    Bikes And Vans

    Grab that old custom van and join NERRB this summer in Mass. Let’s ride our bikes thru nearby trails,between cars in the parking lot and into highly painted and polished doors of some of the wildest,crazy custom vans in NE. Hang out at my ShagVan and whatever... Stevil
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    24” Jesse James tank bike

    KZ1000 gave me a Jesse James bike that had been sprayed silver. I had a black one but sold it last year. But I had a 24” Kenda Flame tire with no place to mount. So I felt I should build a 24 “ JJ. Then I found a terrific chrome frame under rust and paint. Bike going together very well. I put...
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    New from Massachusetts

    Welcome,muscle bikes rule...Stevil
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    Show me your fixed gear bikes. Any fixed wheel bicycle is allowed.

    Old klunker Columbia Topedo with homemade rear wheel. I bolted a sprocket to the large flange of Schwinn front hub. 2nd setup with front sprocket matchup is really nice gearing ...Stevil
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    NERRB Sad Passing

    We at NERRB have a sad announcement ,ZygoteLittle has passed away.Jose Torres was the kindest gentlest man you may have ever rode with. He would travel 3 plus hours to ride a few miles with his club. While we had to hit every pub and brewery on the trail , he would be content with another...
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    20 inch rats (or customs) ~~~ Lets see em!

    Primer bike is one of my first when getting back in this game, black bike is my last muscle bike build....Stevil
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    Jane's Addiction, Eastern Trail, Celebratory Ride Extravaganza!

    Well,we did get a 16 mile ride done. Rained when we were inside so no problem. 13 riders was a new record but as pointed out in years past, a tough herd of cats. Alittle breakage,oh ok, some serious breakage but a team effort got everyone home. Thanks,Jane....Stevil
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    Jane's Addiction, Eastern Trail, Celebratory Ride Extravaganza!

    Jane, if we start the ride at 1:00 will we be out til dark ? In which case we should all check the illumination on our rides. The forecast calls for cloudy conditions and I understand you still have no street lamps in Maine. So what do you suggest ? ...Stevil