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Sep 1, 2006
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Howdy folks! Been a long time since I’ve attempted a build off, been a member here since the very first day of the forum...

Anyway, I found this bike for sale early this year, drove over an hour to get it. Just started tinkering with it a couple days ago, then I see there is a muscle bike build off going on!

I have always wanted an early Stingray ever since we started playing with old Schwinns when I was about 12 back in 2004-05. Will never be able to afford the real deal and I’ve never liked having the normal sought after things...

So here goes my take on a classic “Pig Bike” using an October 16, 1952 built Juvenile J-40.
Sep 1, 2006
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Traded my childhood BMX for a polo seat that a friend had. I was actually giving his son my old bike because he has been wanting one, he wouldn’t let me leave empty handed and knew I had this bike.

Found some eBay seat material to recover it and some eBay knobbies. Oh and I scored a 64 stingray sissy bar for the right look! Still trying to decide if I want to keep it a skiptooth or not...
Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz
I'd you can find a nice trick hub, like a 3 speed of some sort or a kickback. They make conversion sprockets that have the skiptooth. Check out The Wild One, from last year's build off. '53 Lincoln if I remember right, very similar frame built by Chicago Cycling (a Schwinn subsidiary) I love those frames. Pig bikes rule.

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Jul 25, 2016
Chicago - far west burbs
Good lookin mock up, nice stance.

Id personally move away from skip tooth unless you have some attachment to it. Throw a regular sprocket on the match the gearing you need when you decide rear hub and tooth count.

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